WhatsApp game 1-50: All solutions to a version

WhatsApp game 1-50: All solutions to a version

Who is asked via chat after a number between 1 and 50, to the WhatsApp game 1-50 participate. But be careful here, there’s only one winner, the questioner! Now arm with a solution!

The only thing that does not bring the Messenger after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS in the smartphone are games. What users but does not prevent to create some. One of the most popular is: “Give me a number between 1-50.” We clarify what it has and with the game on show a possible solution variant.

WhatsApp game 1-50

WhatsApp game 1-50: What is it about?

This game everywhere on the web and in the messenger in various designs. Even though it’s kind of fun and can dispel boredom in any case, for the respondent, it is incalculable. Due to the many variants there is a dangerous gamble same, in which the chances of losing, are very good. So who gets the invitation to participate, should be in the clear, will win in any case, the questioner. In the WhatsApp game 1-50, the user receives the following prompt:

WhatsApp's request 1-50

This is an “I’ll do anything you want,” very close. Here, everyone has to decide for himself whether he wants to take the risk.

Problem with “Pick a number between 1-50”

As already indicated, the problem of the game its unpredictability. Because there are so many offshoots of it, users actually do not know what’s coming. In addition, many of the calls and really embarrassing the waistline are. Perhaps you should ask yourself how much you trust to that. Not that the task Steller considered the meanest question regardless of the number.

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As can be seen in the screenshot below, you can also get lucky. There is the question 37 but other answers. Among other things, there is an option as is the statement: “Write your phone number in the status”.

WhatsApp game 1-50 solution

A possible variant of the game WhatsApp

Who gets and join in the request to the WhatsApp game 1-50 will, maybe lucky and get the solutions in the order listed here. If not, you can with this variant but fire back at least! In this embodiment, especially number 8 is dangerous, but also number 12, 23, 25 and 31 are not just lucky strike.

  1. Send me a picture of you
  2. Mach with someone from your family photo (brother, sister, mother, father, …)
  3. I can choose my any picture, you have to take for 1 hour as your profile picture
  4. Nothing
  5. Write in your status that you’re horny
  6. For how old you think I am?
  7. Let’s dance together
  8. And let f ***
  9. Nothing
  10. Write in your status my name with a heart and let the for 1 day so
  11. Take a picture of you holding a sign with my name written on it
  12. Write in your status that you’re gay / lesbian
  13. Answer me three questions honestly
    a) Am I fat?
    b) Would you kiss me?
    c) Do you think the bees are bullied by bees because they are too fat?
  14. Bring a pick-up line at a person that you do not like. With evidence via screenshot
  15. Send me a picture of your toilet
  16. Send me a picture of your best friends
  17. Let’s do together what
  18. Change your status …
  19. Take a picture of your butt in underwear
  20. Make a video of how you sing
  21. Make a video of how you dance
  22. Take a picture of your food
  23. Send me a picture of you in underwear
  24. Nothing
  25. Do three tasks of my choice
  26. Write in your status, how cool I am
  27. Marry me in Facebook
  28. Let’s take pictures together
  29. Send a photo in swimwear
  30. Verprügle a stuffed animal with video evidence
  31. Brush your teeth with mustard with video evidence
  32. Nothing
  33. I can pick me a task
  34. Draw a picture as you find me and send it to me
  35. Describe myself in three words
  36. How much am I worth to you?
  37. Get together drinking go
  38. We celebrate together within the next month
  39. Have you ever done something that you do not were allowed?
  40. Nothing
  41. Verarsche someone that you’re with me (Screenshot-proof)
  42. You masturbate?
  43. Oral sex? =)
  44. Kiss?
  45. Let playing together
  46. Nothing
  47. I need you to dinner
  48. You invite me to dinner
  49. Best gangster rap song?
  50. For girls: photo from your neck / For boys: Photo of your eyes
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In addition to this version are still dozens more to this game WhatsApp 1-50 in circulation. Some even have solutions up to the number 100. Others, but work on the same principle, ask for a letter from A to Z.