Tesseract OCR (FreeOCR.net)

The Tesseract OCR download allows users to read text from scanned pages. The recognized text is then stored in a text file. Alternatively, the application but can also be used as alternative scanning software for images of all kinds simple. So scanner and text recognition in one.

Tesseract OCR Download recognize text from scanned documents

The free software, which was known as the FreeOCR.net before, is able to extract existing texts in image files. Of the Tesseract ORC Download brings it with a number TWAIN compliant scanner that make it to a professional OCR tool. With great precision, the program reads text passages many pages and documents and brings them into a text format. It should be emphasized that the text recognition compared to other OCR Software Downloads cope with difficult or complex tasks. That is, the scanner extracted easily texts with multiple columns.

Tesseract OCR Download

Easy to use OCR software

The OCR scanner comes along with a pleasant interface. The main functions are arranged so that you have them all ready at a glance. In addition, during the scanning of image documents, the recognized text will also appear the same. it scans the tool documents free text recognition saves the scanned images as TIFF files. By the way can be a little screw on the contrast and brightness in poor scan quality before text recognition. If detection is complete, the saved the resulting text as a text file. A small note: the tool must first by Language Pack on the German language be trimmed, the language packs are also available on the download button available.

Tesseract OCR saves the user a lot of typing

The abbreviation OCR, which was also incorporated in the name of Tesseract, is in principle for the task that performs this type of software. Thus the process of the character recognition is described with Optical Character Recognition. Here Tools go like the Tesseract OCR download as follows: If you open after scanning a document, the program starts it, the to search scanned image by letter. It's going line by line. The recognition is ensured by the software is geared to color and tonal adjustments. Now a place Comparison with known numbers and letters instead of. By which determines the tool, be it a B or for example a D to be output. In this way, the text is extracted piece by piece. The annoying typing is thus eliminated. And oversight are also excluded the same. Professional OCR for Lau Who wants to pull out text from scanned image files, is well served with the OCR professional. The easy handling, very low error rate and the free bonus speak definitely for download. Note: To run Tesseract OCR must this be installed from v2.0 Microsoft .NETFramework. Current operating systems should be incorporated but already equipped. Just in case you will be warned during the installation and can re-install the .NET.