NosTale kidnapped manga fans into a brashly colorful fantasy world in the style of Japanese comics. Armed with sword, shield and bow to roams the landscape at the free MMORPG, always looking for adventure or monsters that need to defeat it. The latter, the player can not only kill, as is the rule in games of this genre in NosTale. Tames to the creatures this to NosMates, useful companions on the adventurous journey will be. If the RPG visually rather childlike comes along that does not mean that it is not properly goes here to the point. Over the career of his character, the player dedicated it as a swordsman, archer or mage. As in the MMORPG genre usual, the comic hero to rise even at NosTale by won battles and adventures passed gradually into ever higher levels on what course better skills entails … NosTale also works according to the Free-to- Play principle, that is basically free with the option to buy up real cash useful items and Co.. To install the freeware is the client Gameforge Live requirement that automatically comes ahead of the game on the computer, but can also be found separately in our software catalog. If you want to save the download NosTale play alternatively in the browser. The link to the web app is also found in the download area.