Facebook Game Room

With the Game Room Download Facebook also starts to YouTube now its own gaming platform and wants to competitors such as Steam make a full end. But with one difference: instead of hardcore gamers to Facebook caters mainly for casual players.

Game Room download for casual gamers

The approach is not the most stupid in itself, achieve the developer via in-app purchases horrendous sales that let some studio classic PC games look pale. The Game Room Download offers exactly this kind of games that users usually gamble on the phone or tablet. For it can be games that were originally developed for Android and iOS to integrate quickly and easily into a gaming platform. Certainly attractive for developers, however, whether the concept is enthusiastic users remains to be seen.

Game Room DownloadAfter the Game Room Download users primarily access to free casual games. Picture: Facebook Game Room.

The selection is limited mostly to mobile games

Accordingly, titles such as FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 or GTA 5 completely new on the platform are missing. Instead, the desktop app for Windows PCs is currently active or how an emulator à la BlueStacks, with the mobile games can be played on the PC without any problems. Nothing can be playing mostly free games, in the following categories: Action, bingo, board games, Builder, card, card-based fighting games, casino games, Casual Match-3 games, poker, puzzles, role playing, Runner, simulations, slot machine games, sports games, strategy games and knowledge. Visually, the Facebook Game Room recalls then to the usual app stores like Google Play or iTunes.

Chat function as an extra

A big plus of the Game Room download is the chat feature that allows gamers to one another contact. Currently, however, this feature works only within a running game with other players of the same title. At the moment of exchange with each other is still very clear, but this can vary greatly between games. Let's just hope that Facebook is still in the communication a little work and optimizes both the networking and communication among the players.

No registration on Facebook necessary

On the plus side is that users need not have a Facebook profile in order to access Game Room. Although you can log on to the user profile, alternatively, the registry can however also be done via e-mail address or phone number. Its profile can be customized rudimentary afterwards.