The Remove Excel Password and unprotected calculate tables - we show you how to do it!

Under certain circumstances it makes sense to protect tables against unauthorized access. Sometimes, however, the password protection and before he dies a painful death in the depths of the defectiveness of human brains, you can simply remove it unnecessary. Allowing even after 20 years or edit tables that you would have with a corresponding protection never again be able to open - or is it? We even have a solution for everyone who after the Microsoft Excel 2013 Download forgotten their passwords.

Remove Excel password if you know the login information

To remove the password protection procedure is similar to as if one set. For this, the file must be opened first. Following is chosen under the menu item File and select Save.

Remove Excel Password

This opens the common window, usually the name and location for the document to be recorded in the. Left of the Save button, a drop-down menu is titled tools. Here you select the option General Options.

Remove Excel Password Tools

It opens a window, in turn, is shown in which both the password to open and to modify the file by asterisks. These only need to be cleared and be confirmed following the removal Save.

Remove Excel Password General Options

Excel Password Forgot? So you can still remove the Excel password?

If one has forgotten his access, the procedure is somewhat more complicated. To unlock an entire document there on the net as a number of free programs paid. However, they are to be treated with caution because they do not always deliver what they promise. However, should it only be a blade guard, this can be disable via macro.

Step 1: VBA Editor open

By pressing Alt + F11, the VBA editor can be opened. VBA is Microsoft Basic for Applications and is used for creating macros. Here, the option module must be selected under the menu item Insert.

Remove Excel Password VBA Editor

Step 2: Enter the code

In the window that opens, the following code must now be copied:

Sub Blattschutz_entfernen ()

On Error Resume Next

For i = 65 To 66

For j = 65 To 66

For k = 65 To 66

For l = 65 To 66

For m = 65 To 66

For n = 65 To 66

For o = 65 To 66

For p = 65 To 66

For q = 65 To 66

For r = 65 To 66

For s = 65 To 66

For t = 32 To 126

ActiveSheet.Unprotect AD (i) & Chr (j) & AD (k) & Chr (l) & Chr (m) & _ AD (n) & Chr (o) & AD (p) & Chr (q) & Chr (r) & Chr (s) & Chr (t)

Next t

Next s

Next r

Next q

Next p

Next o

Next n

Next m

Next l

Next k

Next j

Next i

End Sub

Step 3: Enable and storing

Now in the bottom menu bar, only the little green arrow must be clicked and a moment to be serviced. Already you could remove the Excel password - at least for the blade guard.

Remove Excel Password Macrovirus

Once again precisely this clip explains the presented version to remove the Excel password (zumindst in the case of the blade guard):