CAD programs virtually all stripes enjoy just amazing how lasting popularity on Windows PCs. Of the FreeCAD download enriches the genre with a free and despite early development stage quite powerful contribution.

FreeCAD Download: Lightweight with full feature set

The FreeCAD download shows in comparison to some other CAD program pleasing slim. Not much more than 200 megabytes of data will be loaded for the freeware from the net.

FreeCAD downloadFreeCAD download as a free CAD program for beginners and professionals

If you have completed the download and installation and opens FreeCAD for the first time, the rather unusual so-called Start Center is first apparent. Here, the design helper together, among other helpful instructions on different design areas such as architecture, engineering or shipbuilding.

User manual and tutorials to help get started

In addition you get from there to video tutorials, which are usually regarded with Youtube. Also, changes and bug fixes in the program code will be published here. Furthermore, the start FreeCAD linked Center directly to the homepage of the development team. There throw beginners a view of the user, get help with tutorials or browse the blog for helpful instructions.

And advanced interesting thanks Python support

As particularly interesting for sophisticated and advanced CAD designers, a click turns on the designated Python sources link. This opens a range of FreeCAD website where manufacturers demonstrate the use of the Python programming language under FreeCAD.

freecad download CAD

With Python, the surface of the CAD program can be adapted for example. But even more interesting to program custom objects as well as add your own commands and even tools to FreeCAD the options that appear. However, the documentation of the Python options within the program is still being held in a developing stage and in English. But at least The latter is unlikely to interfere programmers.

Included design examples and macro recorder included

Slightly less theoretically illustrate some design examples included in FreeCAD download. This present with the freeware created drawings, including a manufacturing robot, an architectural detail and two putative machine parts. This can be viewed from all possible angles genre common to represent as a wireframe model and so on. Included in the package FreeCAD also has a macro recorder, which stores frequently used operations without programming skills to re-execution. Thus recorded macros can be retrospectively by Editor incidentally also revise.

Surface and manual in German language

All in all, FreeCAD thanks to German-surface and also in German held Online Manual a useful thing for newcomers to CAD matter. However, not only for this, because the Python integration should interest even more advanced well, especially since the free CAD tool need to hide behind expensive representatives of its genre apparently. For raising the bar in this area, AutoCAD, this may not apply, but the top dog is probably already oversized for most home users reasonably. Those who want but AutoCAD view again, finds a suitable demo version as well as many other CAD programs available for download in our software catalog.