With the ThumbsPlus download is a powerful tool for image management on the PC. Videos in AVI, QuickTime and MPEG format can also be maintained in the database. The software also enables image processing in the same program.

manage digital photo collections with the ThumbsPlus Download

The year of birth of the tool is still recognized by the optics. Look and feel reminiscent of her gray, bulky boxes to the Windows systems nineties. The division of the program window is kept simple. On the right is the folder tree left of the respective folder content is displayed. Users can choose between different display options. In the lower left corner there is an information window that are visible in the optional tasks, preview or file information.

ThumbsPlus download

However, one should not be fooled by the optics themselves: behind the stale surface lies an image database, which will even fulfill the latest requirements and many other free image management software in the shade.

ThumbsPlus provides sophisticated storage features

Whether professional or amateur photographer - everyone was already facing the challenge of having to find a specific image in the crowded Archive folder. Especially with multiple users or disk search recalls the metaphorical needle in a haystack. The ThumbsPlus Download as remedy. The tool searches drives and directories for image files and creates an image of that list. Of these so-called thumbnails also the name of the program is derived. Each file can be assigned to both Notes and Tags, which are considered in full-text searches. In a well-managed database to search for the right image file with just a few details to be successful. As a particularly handy is the search for similar images proves. So self-contiguous files a shooting can be grouped according to the optical image content. Are the correct files found, they can be optimized via the Batch easy.

Image management software with Facebook Feature

The software allows Integration of Facebook. One can directly from the program log on to the social network and dragging thumbnails from your own album and the photo albums of friends. Unfortunately, the program saves the time from only the first 25 images. In addition, they are not made in full size. Nevertheless, the function offers to keep a good overview of all online photos.

ThumbsPlus Download Facebook