3 … 2 … 1 … bye! – eBay Delete Account – a guide

Who his Delete eBay account wants to overcome some hurdles & a little bit patient. here's how the account termination works! The global auction platform really knows now everyone. Also the small, regional Classifieds are becoming increasingly popular. Since the introduction of the eBay Classifieds app users can also go looking on the digital flea market treasures. Some users have completely withdrawn from the auction-based online shop, but do not know that they can delete without affecting Classifieds eBay account.

eBay account to delete does not apply to Classifieds

eBay and eBay classifieds are different platforms. In the first case it is the global online auction house, in which all purchases take place anonymously via the platform. The platform provides a hedge with the various payment options if the transaction does not take place properly. For this service every seller pays a fee. Clear Ebay account The classified ads, however, are private or business online ads, where buyers and sellers directly via e-mail or phone. Often, the objects are offered nearby and be paid when you pick up bar. Especially in light of the cut correspond to shipping and seller fees the classifieds are the more pleasant alternative. Since they are separate decks and porches, the user accounts, even when using the same credentials, not interconnected.

eBay account has to be terminated

The deletion of the eBay account can not be made by the customer. If a user account will be closed permanently, it requires a Cancellation in the online form. Here, the user is guided through a number of questions, hoping that any problems can be solved and the account will remain. Prior to that, there are some points to consider:

  • You can recover a deleted account
  • Banned or restricted accounts can not be deleted as long as the problem is not resolved
  • The user account must be balancedBetween mailing and final extinction is a about 60-day waiting period, should be ensured with the that no transactions remain open.

So the eBay account can be deleted

1&# 46; Step: First, it must form page can be accessed. There will be logging in as usual with the eBay user data. Delete eBay account form 2&# 46; Step: After that, a reason for termination must be selected and confirmed with Next on the form. Now subcategories of the reasons are displayed. After selecting alternative solutions offered. the cancellation request is still, no need. Please close my eBay account to be selected. 3&# 46; Step: The next form is scrolled to the bottom of the page and put a check mark. Only then can My eBay account to click cancel. Delete eBay account confirmation