Of the Webcam Test Downloadtakes a performance test on PC cameras. Remains, for example, the video chat with Skype and Co., the screen consistently black, the freeware are the first indications of possible malfunctions. Further, both useful as well as fun webcam software for downloading can be found incidentally in our catalog.

Webcam test download checks the camera without installing

For this the Webcam auditor does not even require an installation on the computer: Just after the webcam test download unpack the ZIP archive, double click the file Webcam Test.exe, done. It then opens an equally small as simply held program window with two buttons.

Check simpler Webcam is hardly

These carry the speaking terms start and stop, and it sports a square window above them. If you click on webcam test the start button will display a moving image in the window is with the action all right. the cut remains black, it must be assumed that a defect.

webcam test download

Where this is to look carefully about the webcam test download silent unfortunately. However, the free auditor at least serves as a step to identify the transmission error by process of elimination. For if all the drivers installed correctly, which is often required for transferring Flash not available and otherwise all components of the webcam configuration in order, everything points to defective or at least vandalize hardware. In this case, the PC technician can then only provide assistance.

Also helps in aligning the webcam

Performs the camera but their service without complaint, yet fulfilled Webcam test another purpose. Since the free function tester displays a live preview of the cam image in its program window, he does so to speak, in passing as a readjustment assistance for the camera useful. So if, for example, want to find out before the start of transmission of the video signal, detects which section around the PC internal camera can do so easily with a webcam test. In this case, the free download helps either the Cam itself or - if an internally built camera is available - to dislocate the laptop until the image section corresponds to their own needs. Then you can then start the actual stream on the Internet.

set development, but still working

It is worth mentioning at this point that webcam test is no longer being developed for several years. Any malfunction in collaboration with modern cameras can therefore not be excluded.