Clear Silverlight and Flash cookies 2023

Clear Silverlight and Flash cookies

Real yummy cookies everyone likes. For virtual cookies it is different. However, the delete function in the browser does not sweep all cookies from your hard drive. We provide the Cookie Monster 2.0.

Silverlight and Flash cookies ignored

Cookies are a common way to the multiple login on a website to spare the user. He just needs to log on again and the cookie stores the data for later automatic login. Cookies are not only pursuing this useful purpose. Website operators also use them to make user activity tracked on the website and, for example, target group-oriented advertising can be displayed. What many users do not know: In addition to the normal browser cookies and Silverlight and Flash cookies on the loose. Web deals set by these technologies their own cookies. They often can not be removed by the browser internal erase function is. We’ll show you how to get rid of persistent cookies … Note: You should be aware that the blanket blocking of Silverlight and Flash cookies may be associated with comfort or convenience. Because Web sites can no longer store credentials, you must enter it each time.

Remove Silverlight cookies

Microsoft Silverlight is the answer to the established Adobe Flash. More and more web deals use Silverlight to set up interactive and multimedia websites. Silverlight cookies

  • Call on the start menu entry Microsoft Silverlight the program of the same name (Microsoft Silverlight) on.

  • Change the configuration program for tab application memory and click on the button Clear all ….

  • Then confirm again with Yes and in the main window by clicking OK. Tip: If you want to disable the Silverlight cookies in general, remove the check mark in front Enable application memory and confirm by OK.

Remove Flash Cookies

Flash cookies

  • Visit the site and wait until the Flash animation is called in the middle. but they can also signal another any Flash animation. Click it with the right mouse button and select Global Settings ….

  • In the tab "Storage" take before the cookie configuration. through Clear all … Clean all Flash cookies at a time from the plate. Put a check mark in front Delete all website data and settings and confirm with delete data. Tip: Even Flash, you can tell that it is not to automatically store cookies. If you want to be asked before, activate the option Questions before new sites can store information on this computer. Flash cookies are locked flat rate? Then put a check mark in front That websites save to prevent information on this computer. If you rather deter the hand work, then you rely on a helper. Of the Flash Cookie Cleaner scans your hard disk to flash cookies, then it displays them and performs the deletion by. To download the handy freeware’s going down. Flash Cookie Cleaner

Silverlight and Flash Cookies Mark with CCleaner

CCleaner Silverlight Flash CookiesAn alternative cleanup They also comfortably through to the all-round cleaner CCleaner. Invite you to the CCleaner (link below), start it, left click on Cleaner and switch to the tab applications. Scroll down and putting under "multimedia" tick in front Adobe Flash Player and .Microsoft Silverlight. Apply with Run CCleaner and OK. It may be that prompts CCleaner close the browser. These steps will also be the unknown Silverlight and Flash cookies Lord. However, a far greater potential than sniffing cookies brings the browser fingerprint with it.

  • What it’s all about, read here: protect browser fingerprint
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