etope Lister

the free etope Lister Download is a useful tool for all eBay sellers and distributors. The program provides the user with an assistant who facilitates the adjustment of articles with all the associated tasks. For this, the little helper brings useful templates and a photo hosting service with - free of charge.

etope Lister Download assisted eBay sellers

Who is a dealer on eBay, has with creating item descriptions and adjusting its auctions, a lot of work. To facilitate sellers, as well as bidders on the auction portal work, there are already a number of eBay auction software. One of them, which is specifically designed for the needs of sellers, is the free download etope Lister. The program acts as a sales assistant, helping to optimize their workflows and accelerate. For this, the eBay assistant brings with useful features and some templates. The tool also gives users the ability to host his paintings with him for free.

etope Lister Download

Download and install the eBay auction software

The eBay auxiliary tool is designed for Windows operating systems. Since the .exe file is relatively small with around 600 KB, the etope Lister Download proceeds rapidly. The subsequent installation of the program does not provide problems and takes less than two minutes. In order to perform his work conscientiously, the wizard installs not only on PC, but also taps into the eBay account of the user. Therefore, the user's user data when first starting the program are requested. So the etope Lister needs the approval of the user and an eBay login or alternatively the Google Account.

etope Lister Download Login

etope Lister facilitates the management of articles

The assistant for eBay allows the trader to create new auctions in no time and publish them on the platform. This works because the user needs to make only one item description and this is then stored as a template. This Vorlageaus text and images can then be read from the database and re-used. So that the user does not need to create a new product description for each new auction of a product. Since the presentation of an article for the success of the sale is conditional on the wizard brings professional-looking templates. There, the article by large pictures and attractive designs will set the right scene. The beauty of it: The templates are associated with a few mouse clicks with articles and online.

Auction software brings photo hosting with

On eBay, there is usually the need to pay for additional images that you want to include in the auction. Gone are the days with the etope Lister download. Because the tool brings a free photo hosting service with. now that an infinite number of photos can be integrated into the offers, higher profits can be achieved. And by the way the dealer saves money when hosting. If you need any more tips and tricks to increase its profits, also can turn to the community of etope. Recommended Ebay tool for traders The tool minimizes the workload when creating auctions and maximize the appeal of the presentation. Just for the appealing templates and the integrated free photo hosting the download worth.