Candy Crush play without registration - it's that easy!

Candy Crush play without registration – it’s that easy!

Who Candy Crush play without registration wants to bypass the Facebook coercion. We reveal how to detonate the sweets without account and can master level after level!

After Candy Crush Saga Download or the successors soda and Jelly Saga, most users report without thinking about it, with their email address or Facebook account. Here, that’s not absolutely necessary.

As simple Candy Crush play without registration

The game developer has developed its games for multiple platforms. The games there’s an app for Android or iOS, browser games or as a Facebook app. The latter variant can be played, of course, only with a corresponding account. As an app or browser you can also gamble without registration Candy Crush however. For it must be ignored in the browser game, only the registration or login with a valid e-mail address.

Candy Crush play without registrationCandy Crush play without registration: Find it in your browser!

In the Apps, the connection may be disconnected or Facebook at will be restored. For this purpose, only the green gear must be selected on the home screen. then you scroll all the way down in the menu, you will find the option Logout. the accounts were separated, users can find after starting the app, select Connect directly under the Play button !. However, offers far more benefits than those who play Candy Crush without registration registered users.

Candy Crush without registration playing FacebookFacebook connection in the app separate.

Benefits of Facebook Application

The biggest advantage for users who log in via Facebook, is the synchronization of the saved game on different devices. Especially with the numerous levels that provide the Candy Crush games, it is almost annoying when you have to start from scratch again. Although the scores are stored on each device when switching between tablet and mobile phone with a new phone or, you have to start over again. In addition, users who log in with Facebook can take the help of their friends to complete, for example, to get extra lives or unlock new episodes. Also, who wants to compete with his friends must resort to the application. All who play Candy Crush without registration get access only to a general high score list, what is so exciting half than when measured with his Facebook contacts.

Benefits of the application in the browser game

Are the scores stored on your smartphone or tablet, users of browser games have to start completely from scratch every time, since the progress is not recorded. This is quite annoying, since the game really gets going just after graduating from entry-level. Alternatively, you can register via Facebook or a valid e-mail address. Once that is done, the final score can be called up and continue to play at current location.

Color bomb explosion in 2000. Level

Whether with or without Registration: Legendary 2000 Level Candy Crush has now. In the fall of 2016 it was time CandyCrush2000 is the new challenge of successful games. Who has mastered the 1,999 level before it can look forward to a color bomb explosion in a class. the whole looks like, the clip reveals: