ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee Photo Manager organizes and sorts digital photos. The manager understands a variety of image formats and processes and optimize them as well. The shareware helps amateur photographers and professionals in the organization and view digital photos on the PC and connects a photo organizer, image editor and a versatile image viewer with a surface.

consider using the ACDSee download pictures, organize, and edit

The first version of ACDSee already appeared in 1996. Since then the shareware is one of the best known and most popular image viewers. The digital images of the museum’s own collection can be sorted into any of the categories and metadata displayed and edited. In addition, assigning the rating is possible. Working with multiple images is quick and uncomplicated vonstatten. So the ads and turning of two, three or four photos is possible simultaneously. Here, the ACDSee Photo Manager supports over a hundred file formats.

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edit photos and optimize with ACDSee

Images can be provided with annual and dates. When viewing by the event and calendar view, the user can immediately find those pictures again, were shot on a specific day, for example, a birthday and a wedding. However, the ACDSee Download is suitable not only as an image viewer. Photos can be edited in no time and optimized. improve exposure or remove red eyes? No problem. Also for the protection of data is guaranteed: When editing a copy of the original is always saved. In addition, backing up to external hard drives, CD and DVD is possible. The backup jobs can be performed regularly with the planner.

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import snapshots directly from cameras

With the integrated import functions land the digital snapshots of cameras, card readers, scanners and other devices on the preview screen ACDSee. The shareware reads many photo formats of JPEG to RAW and brings them to a considerably high speed in full-screen for display. The image editor assumes Photos dynamic corrections and offers numerous rotary screw for fine adjustment at the pixel level.

Different versions for hobbyists and professionals

Of the ACDSee download is available in several different versions for hobbyists and professional photographers. Of the Focus of the standard version is with the view, manage and publish their own pictures, whereas ACDSee Pro is the focus of the photo editing and among other things, a raw data development and processing provides.

ACDSee download photo editing

ACDSee published their own recordings on the Internet

Here ACDSee also offers support for multiple monitors. In addition, a special copy function for meta data facilitates the insertion or revise the IPTC tags. The so-called tilt-shift filter lends a certain model railway look the recordings on demand. In addition, ACDSee offers Interface for publishing images on the Internet, For example, on Facebook. With the shareware Image Collections can browse fairly comfortable. Unlike some other photo applications it is necessary to import photos not only tedious as files.

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adjust tempo slide show targeted

Send Slideshows can be personalized with ACDSee and play. A slide show preview can be created based on a group of photos or all images in a folder. Users can adapt in the slideshow speed and timing as you wish. Other programs in the field of image management can be found in our software catalog for free download.

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Limitations of ACDSee Photo Manager

30 day trial Free registration with the manufacturer necessary.

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