Browser Security

Of the Browser Security Download prevents a brazen theft in a rather straightforward manner. The free Firefox extension protects web browser and provides more security for their own online activities.

Browser Security Download warns against dubious websites

The Firefox plug-in browser security alerts the user if dubious and suspicious websites try to steal personal information, and blocks attacks from the network reliably. With an access to current and always expandable phishing databases the most dangerous threats from online criminals are covered. An e-mail protection also prevents the redirection to phishing domains and malware sites. Useful is the Live Protection, which unmasked phishing and malware.

Browser Security Download

Replicas of real web pages as dangerous traps

This real-time protection while surfing can be so easily fool and differs thanks to sophisticated heuristics technology between genuine pages and the detailed site replicas. The Firefox add-on automatically warns against dubious websites and potential attackers, once you get lost on such a replica of a site. They serve cybercriminals typically by getting them to go and so-called phishing to passwords and access codes to plunder accounts. The number of threats on the Internet is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is important to appropriately take care of the browser security download to the protection of its own web browser, to prevent theft and to ensure the security of private data

Browser Security Download Phishing

Private data protection with browser security

Online criminals are targeting mainly on passwords from email accounts, bank access data and credit card information. Since no one out puts this data voluntarily to unauthorized persons, they try tricks and refined meshes as the reproductions of websites reputable companies appearing or banking institutions. This sometimes reveal themselves only on the basis of changed URLs. Who does not recognize this same private data does not run into danger as usual to his bank or a reputable online store to communicate, but in the hands of fraudsters who quickly, clear their own bank accounts empty or use mail accounts for unfair purposes.

Browser Security Download malware

Browser protection against threatening websites

Most web browsers offer about phishing and malware lists already a fundamental protection against threatening sites. The problem is often the lack of timeliness of the entries. According to the manufacturer, the browser has security plug-in here in the lead since it may differ in terms of algorithms and a sophisticated heuristic true of detailed web pages in real time. The Live Protection of the browser Security Download recognizes new daily questionable pages and place them on its own blacklist. On the manufacturer's website this interesting overview of the newly discovered spam or phishing messages can be seen. Those looking for more security tools for free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.