Bitdefender uninstall – it’s that easy!

Who uninstall BitDefender would like to upgrade to a new version of the virus scanner or completely switch to another antivirus program should first ensure that no remnants of the virus hunter on the hard drive or in the registry remains. We reveal how to safely and reliably all Bitdefender remnants away with the BitDefender Uninstall Tool. More on this below!

Bitdefender uninstall and remove all remnants

The anti-virus software made by Bitdefender have a good reputation, provide comprehensive protection against intruders from the Internet and also ensure that their own network connections can not be misused by hackers for their purposes worry. With a real-time scanning, the system is protected from viruses, Trojans and rootkits and other online pests. However, this comes at a price, unfortunately: Unlike Avira, Avast or AVG no free version of the virus scanner is available. Therefore, it stands to reason that many a user to Avira & umsteigt Co. and previously want to uninstall BitDefender.

uninstall BitDefenderuninstall Bitdefender and rid the system of all remnants.

The standard uninstall Bitdefender leaves residues in the registry

The Bitdefender uninstall works properly and functions like any other Windows software. Nevertheless, it may happen that the standard uninstall at Bitdefender disposed of the program files, but various residues yet still leaves the system, which could result in the installation of another antivirus software conflicts. Therefore, one should make before installing a new virus hunter that all Bitdefender residues are really completely gone from the system and the Windows registry.

The BitDefender Uninstall Tool disposed of all relics

To this end, Bitdefender even the BitDefender uninstall tool as a useful little tool. This is to track the remaining vestiges of a Bitdefender installation and permanently delete. The handling of small utilities is simple, an installation is not required. The user starts the mobile tool and click on Uninstall to automatically eliminate all Bitdefender relics with a single click from the system database. After that, the user can switch or hesitation to another anti-virus program and install the latest version of Bitdefender, without worrying about conflicts with other viruses hunters or its predecessor.

Bitdefender uninstall Uninstall ToolThe BitDefender uninstall tool automatically removes any remaining residues.

Reliable uninstall Antivirus Plus, Internet Security and Total Security

The BitDefender Uninstall Tool complements the way of the Internal uninstall routine and supported in the current version of the popular antivirus programs made by Bitdefender: Antivirus Plus 2016, Internet Security 2016 and Total Security 2016. More Uninstaller for the previous versions of the years 2008-2015 are available for download to dispose also file remains of these programs without residue and secure.