The bird app!

The Birds determine App is the perfect companion for bird watchers and -observer. According to the manufacturer the free birding app to the title "The bird app!" help ensure that users keep in nature for new bird species out. The bird app helps - even without previous knowledge - to determine the various types of feathered friends, as domestic songbirds, ducks and herons.

Birds determine app for curious bird watchers and native birds

The birds determine App provides users with a clear and easy-to-use way of collecting own observations of local bird species. Of course, while their own observations, photos of birds and a precise indication of Sichtungsortes must. In the main menu is a picture of the oyster fisherman to see and the following four items: determine bird species Show species list, and sightings Show Map.

Birds determine AppBirds determined app with pictures of 200 bird species and 136 bird songs (Photo: Dörte Krüger)

Among the various species of birds are determined app among others, the following information available:

  • Photos (aerial photographs, males, females, winter plumage, breeding plumage)
  • Special marks
  • size
  • distribution
  • food
  • procreation

Show the own observations as a list and on a map

The species list provides an overview of some 200 species of birds in alphabetical order. For each species detailed information contained on the size of the bird and special characteristics to spread, food, reproduction and systematics. For most species of birds, even the voice can play.

Who wants to hold their own sightings, uses the comment field and gives the date, time, and location of the sighting on. A bird photo can be integrated via the camera or gallery. The own bird observations are recorded and displayed as a list or on a map:

Feature filters for habitat, size, plumage color and shape

is particularly comfortable in the Birds app determine the function of determining the domestic species. After touching habitat, size, color of the plumage and the form of all possible types are presented in an overview. With this feature filters the possible species of birds, even inexperienced users can determine the observed bird with a few steps.

Birds determine App feature filtersEven inexperienced users can determine the observed bird with the characteristic filters. (Photo: Dörte Krüger)

Practical is the ability to compare similar species over a function directly. Other software in the natural sciences as a free download is available in our library.