Where is the Downton Abbey stream online?

In the center of the Downton Abbey Stream is a British noble family and their staff in the early 20th century. The popular, award-winning TV series tells impressive in six seasons with a total of 52 episodes of the political upheavals at that time and puts the personal fates to the fore. Many avid Serienjunkies ask the question whether there is Downton Abbey Netflix via Netflix app or via Amazon Prime and Sky. For this purpose, hereinafter everything worth knowing!

Downton Abbey Stream: View of the British company early 20th century

The British television series Downton Abbey portrays the life of the English noble family Crawley over a period from 1912 to 1925. Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville), the Earl of Grantham, namely his wife, Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) have several daughters, but no son. As the noble title is inherited only from male to male, and the sinking of the Titanic Roberts cousin and his son have died, which has for many generations in this family property is located Downton Abbey with a young lawyer a distant heirs. This will henceforth control the fate of the house and have dominion over the pompous estate including the numerous servants crowd.

Downton Abbey StreamDownton Abbey stream with six seasons and 52 episodes. Source: NBC Univ.

Dramatic series Downton Abbey and the resident nobles and servants

Of course, with such historical material power plays and intrigue little may also be missing as relationship stories and romances or political events such as the struggle for women's rights, the economic crisis and the First World War. Not only the noble family but also the servants of Crawley are affected in the British costume drama about the changes. Butler Carson (Jim Carter) has sought the oversight of the house staff and to maintain the reputation of the house. Conflicts arise when Robert Crawley his comrade John Bates (Brendan Coyle) appoint the new valet.

Downton Abbey Staffel 6 as a grand finale of the British costume drama

The Downton Abbey Staffel 1 was the first time in 2010 on the British commercial broadcaster ITV, where he had an average of 10 million viewers great success with the public. therefore quickly new squadrons were commissioned. The Downton Abbey Staffel 4 reached 12 million viewers, the highest values ​​of a series in 2013. Unfortunately for the fans, it came with the Downton Abbey Staffel 6 finally the grand finale of the History series.

Downton Abbey Staffel 4 in German Free-TV in November 2015

In Germany, Downton Abbey Staffel 1 from July 2011 was shown on the pay-TV channel Sky Cinema. The premiere of Downton Abbey Season 1 on free TV followed on Christmas day 2012, ZDF and ZDFneo. The Downton Abbey Staffel 2 with eight episodes and a Christmas episode there were also first in July and August 2012 on Sky Cinema and was broadcast at Christmas 2013 on ZDF. Meanwhile, the Downton Abbey Staffel 6 is already running on Sky Atlantic in June 2016th On free TV but it will still take some time, since last the Downton Abbey Staffel 4 aired in November, 2015.

Downton Abbey stream Amazon Prime and Sky available

After all, the respect of Downton Abbey Season 6 since April 2016 possible via the VOD services Sky ticket and Sky Go. The Downton Abbey can also be obtained with costs on Amazon Video, iTunes and Videoload stream of the final season. Offers the customers of Amazon Prime are where all the episodes up including Downton Abbey Staffel 5 is available. Unfortunately, Downton Abbey, however, is not available through Netflix. This also applies to max cathedrals. The Sky-flat rate is thus the only film flat rate on the current Downton Abbey Season 6 is currently seen online.

The final Downton Abbey Stream plays in April 2025. Due to the ongoing economic crisis in the UK has to Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey Staffel 6 reduce the expenditure of the Crawley family, in order to avoid having to entirely separate from his estate.

Will there still a Downton Abbey Staffel 7 give?

Many fans - including the American rapper P. Daddy - wonder if there will be a Downton Abbey Staffel 7th Perhaps the screenwriter Julian Fellows of these prominent wishes can indeed change his mind and there will be a continuation of the family saga with Crawley. However, no positive statements were to be heard, give the hope of an extension with a Downton Abbey Season 7th