Steganos safe

Steganos safe

Steganos Safe stowed important data and mails in an encrypted vault. So data in up to 2 TB of containers against unauthorized access are protected. Once the user clicks on the Safe icon, the entire disk is hidden.

Steganos Safe Download for safety-conscious users

Whether at home, on your notebook, on DVDs or USB sticks does not matter for Steganos Safe. Of the Bodyguards for important data create password protected container and encrypts the content so that even professionals come in a targeted attack sweat. to encrypt data which the safe, is irrelevant in terms of mail he gets along with Outlook 2003 to 2013 Outlook Express 6 and Windows Mail.

Steganos Safe Download

Sophisticated password protection by position change

Here Steganos Safe pays particular attention to the protection of the password – because what brings the best encryption if the password can be monitored? The safe brings a virtual keyboard that changes at the request of the position each time keys. So wily Trojans themselves are powerless. Even when you delete the shareware scores with the recovery safe removal of files from the storage medium.

Via USB key to unlock password-protected area

With a few simple steps transformed Steganos Safe one USB flash drive for personal unlock key. So it will save you enter the password and simply plugs in the key instead stick to the computer to unlock password-protected areas. But beware: Not forgotten to remove the drive again …

PicPass allows entry of a password images

The password with which the data is decrypted, it is possible not only on a USB stick, but for example, store on an iPod, a smartphone or a digital camera. Once that device is connected to the PC, the protected areas, see correctly again. Alternatively, can also be entered manually or by PicPass as images password password.

Steganos Safe Download PicPass

unobtrusively hide sensitive data with Steganos Safe in pictures

File Vault not only encrypted data, but hides them on request inconspicuously in images, songs or videos. The current Steganos Safe Download offers an enhanced encryption with the AES XEX process with 384-bit keys provide good protection against data thieves and snoopers. The Dropbox safe has also been optimized. The Data can be encrypted on your PC while before they get to the cloud. is now also supports encryption in onedrive, Google Drive and TelekomCloud.

Data shredder and trace killers are on board

Some additional security tools are in Steganos Safe Download included. So can permanently delete or reliably eliminate the Trace Destructor telltale tracks and data from the hard disks with the Shredder individual documents or entire folders. Other encryption programs for free download can be found in our range.

Steganos Safe Download Cloud

encrypt private data quickly and easily Steganos Safe is a sophisticated solution for uncomplicated secure personal and confidential data. Private data can be encrypted quickly and easily with the shareware. In addition to pure data encryption vault just brings a little more to give the user a feeling of security.

Limitations of Steganos Safe

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