Wattpad Delete Account: It’s that easy!

Wattpad Delete Account: It’s that easy!

Who his Delete Wattpad account want below, receives a guide on how he leaves the Bucherwürmer- and authors platform reliable and final. There are plenty of reasons for this: Perhaps your own creativity when writing has been lost or has mistakenly signed twice. We show how it works, to be permanently the Wattpad account go!

Delete Wattpad account and finally left the authors Platform

Wattpad is a popular platform for book lovers and writers. The app brings together aspiring writers and avid readers who want to indulge their passion read or write on the road. After downloading the Wattpad app Bookworms browse a huge library, writing as a proud authors own stories, exchange ideas in the authors’ community and give each other tips.

Delete Wattpad accountDelete Wattpad account: We show step by step how it works.

Wattpad with a huge selection of e-books

In 2006 launched platform more than two million authors are now registered and 100,000 stories will be uploaded as the new reading material daily. However, as some authors do not want to permanently put his books and short stories in the platform or has found an alternative to Wattpad. Who decides to delete the Wattpad own account, is faced with the question of how this works and what then happens to own works.

Wattpad Delete Account: Step by Step

Deleting the Wattpad account is online only possible in the browser on the PC, not a smartphone. First, the registered Wattpad user logs in with his password at Wattpad and clicks afterwards on their own profile picture at the top. He opens the Settings and scroll down the window all the way down. In the right, white Sidebar he comes close on the button account. The user then clicks on the button and it still has to get it over with a couple of security questions. After that, the own Wattpad account is deleted and all data, books and stories are permanently deleted. The fans and votes are naturally there. Watch out: Who has his Wattpad account deleted from temporary frustration about writer’s block and want to restore it, had bad luck, because all data permanently end up in the eternal digital hunting grounds and no recovery is possible.

  Wattpad Elimina account: È così facile!

delete individual books or stories on Wattpad

Therefore, bookworms and authors should consider carefully whether they really want to delete your own Wattpad account. Who wants to remain the platform but, after all, can delete individual books or stories on Wattpad. To this end, he goes into the section with its own factories and clicks the right of the book title on the button with the three points. Another click on Delete story and each story is no longer offered via Wattpad. The same effect has a wiper to right in the app.