who is a Facebook Profile Video wants to include in his Facebook account below, will receive a step-by-step instructions on how he should proceed to exchange the vile own avatar with a new chic profile video. learn more here and bring the Facebook friends to marvel or laugh!

Make a Facebook profile video to Android or iOS and upload

Profile pictures on Facebook are out, instead Profile videos are a must! Facebook offers users the opportunity now to load instead of a portrait photos a small video clip up and to present the visitors. To replace the outdated selfies with the new generation of profile videos and show a little animated short clip at the location of the display image on Facebook, the user only needs a smart phone and the Facebook Messenger app download.

spice Facebook profile with a short video profile

Facebook users can capture using the smartphone camera and use this as a profile video a video with a length of up to seven seconds. The Facebook profile video is displayed in its own Facebook account as the profile picture. The profile videos can only add an iPhone or an Android device, but not on the Facebook Web App directly on your PC. Nevertheless, of course, the Selfie video clips can also be viewed on PC or notebook when they were taken via smartphone and integrated.

Facebook Profile Videocreate and upload Facebook Profile Video: We show you how it works!

integrate Facebook Profile Video: Step by Step

To embed a profile video on the iPhone or an Android phone, the Facebook user first opens his profile and tap on their profile picture. Soak up with another tip New Profile Video Selfie clip is added and allowed their own creativity when recording run wild. Alternatively, you tap upload to video or photo to select an existing video on the smartphone. Now, a tip is only necessary for further still and then on the bar at the bottom of the screen to select a thumbnail image for the video. Finally, the user still taps on the iPhone to store or on the Android device to use. Finished!

The Facebook profile videos can be exchanged at any time

The profile videos are public, can be seen by all Facebook users and how the conventional images are also displayed in their profile. Therefore, another tip for last: The Facebook users should think twice when recording the profile video, which he incorporates as a video clip. On embarrassing party videos or the like should he prefers do without! Who is not satisfied with his own Facebook profile video, it can nevertheless always replace it with another clip.