A comic draw with this brilliant tool

Anyone can one draw comic! Even beginners can with a few tricks and the right (of course free) tool achieve professional results right. We reveal how it's done!

Each cartoonist is to enjoin the download of Medicare Bang Paint Pro. The free software is available for Windows and Mac as well as for iPad, iPhone or Android. Thanks to access to the cloud, the individual devices can be synchronized with each other and collaborate with writers or illustrators comics. In addition, slightly different creative for new projects can be found via the attached and very active community.

draw comicMedi Bang Paint Pro is optimized for professional drawing comics.

draw a comic with Medicare Bang Paint

After downloading the software is draftsmen a whole series of works witnesses available that are specifically optimized for the creation of comics, or manga. In addition to numerous pre-made backgrounds, the program offers a variety of brushes and fonts. To use the tool is strongly reminiscent of the shareware Photoshop. Who has thus worked, will be incorporated quickly into the graphics program.

Comic drawing exampleImages: Medi Bang Paint Pro.

For all beginners, there are numerous tutorials for the first attempts to draw a comic. In this video, for example, explains how a page with the correct panels - splits - so in individual windows.

How is a comic?

As with all questions of art here the ghosts. Ultimately, everyone has their own approach should develop. However, there is the usual sequence of steps:

  1. idea
  2. concept
  3. implementation

on the other hand, some subscribers have no fixed story in mind this then develops only during the drawing process. This procedure is not recommended for beginners - unless they want to only practice in the art of drawing. So you have an idea, we developed from the story. Especially in the beginning you should have no full band in mind, but tell stories that can be dealt with on a leaf. We know this format from the comic strips, which can be found in journals and magazines. Particularly exciting is a story by the way, if there is a punch line or a twist at the end or something unexpected happens.

What to look for Comics

Well, the facts that follow, read banal. But sometimes it's very good to call the simplest things again into consciousness. So here again the basics that you should consider when drawing comics:

  1. Comics are a combination of text and image.
  2. They usually contain all of these elements: speech bubbles, thought bubbles, panels (each window), phonetic or sound imitations (such as or "Pffffffff" "BAAANG!").
  3. Comics have a special design language: This is especially abstract - that is reduced to the essentials - and, consequently, on pictorial symbols and exaggerations dependent (such as the display of effort by drops of sweat or from grief through tears).
  4. Movement can be represented by either "Speed ​​Lines" or by the sequence of movements.
  5. The division of history into pictures and panels is critical for the performance of the reader and thus a key element.
  6. The text can be via speech or the placement of words directly on the image or the image built into the comic.