Wazzap Migrator app

Wazzap Migrator app

Anyone who buys a new phone, often wants to take his WhatsApp chat history. This is not always easy, especially when you move from an iPhone to an Android device. The Wazzap Migrator app However assists.

Wazzap Migrator app

Chat histories move with the Wazzap Migrator app

At the relocating of a WhatsApp account is not rocket science – not even from iPhone to Android. All contacts and settings are available instantly on your new device. but situation is different with the chat history, because this can be between different operating systems not so easily transferred. For this purpose, an additional tool like the Wazzap Migrator app required – and also some preparations.

First of all create an offline backup

Before anything can be moved, you have to create on the iPhone an offline backup chat history. This is possible with iTunes by connecting the iPhone to the PC or Mac, iTunes will start and then selects Create the local backup option in the overview page of the iPhone. It must in any case to a backup without password protection act.

This backup file can then be read with the free iPhone Backup Extractor Download by starting it and click Read backups. The backup created earlier should appear here.

transferred Wazzap Migrator app files

The tab Expert Mode is accessed by default folder to the backup folder. There is the Application or Application Domains folder. therein net.whatsapp.WhatsApp to find. From there you get to Documents and searches the file ChatStorage.sqlite. Here tick and click Extract. The extracted file can be stored in a directory.

From the Android smartphone

Now WhatsApp for Android and WazzapMigrator app will be installed. The WhatsApp Backup can now be copied via USB or a cloud solution to the new smartphone. Once that has happened, WhatsApp is uninstalled once again. Now the Migrator is started and selected those archives containing the backup file. Then WhatsApp can be reinstalled – and asks whether the backup should be integrated.

The app no ​​longer exists today, unfortunately, in a lite version as before, but must be purchased from the Google Play Store. A link can be found here with us. Who needs more help tools for smartphones and its administration as well as for telecommunications, is certainly in our download database.