Of the Tire download serves both as a travel Lustigen Route planner for the next trip on two or four wheels as well as an interface to navigation systems. The freeware is planning travel routes on the monitor with the help of Google Maps and copies them without additional software on the navigation system.

Tire download for the planning of car or bike routes

Here Tire supported ("Trace Your Route Everywhere") The hardware of the two manufacturers GarminGarmin and Tomtom Tomtom, where smartphones are driven with the app of the latter party. Click by click ask holidaymakers not only the routes along as such, but wear a sights or go to bookings for overnight stays in the traveled area. With Google Maps complete routes can be much easier to create than directly on the navigation system or in the navigation app on the PC.

Tire download

Mouse click change routes and route waypoints

The user may change in the freeware quickly and easily with a mouse click routes and route waypoints. The Tire Download acts as an interface with the Windows PC and allows Create complex routes using Google Maps and copying to a TomTom or Garmin GPS. but the Tire routes may also be converted into other formats GPS route.

Tire is ideal for biking tours

Especially Tire appeal to motorcyclists to the comfortable to plan bike tours in advance on your own computer. It can be with the freeware but also routes for car holidays, cycling and walking tours create. the online library of Tire providers present their travel for free use in the user proves to be stimulating. From Australia to Norway to Vietnam to find routes to travel after or revising for their own desires. Finished itineraries transfers Tire also not only to Garmin and TomTom navigation devices, but it exports for use in Google Earth.

Tire Download tours

Additional fee-Plus and Pro versions

Besides the free Basic version of Tire also paid Plus and Pro versions are functions available from the manufacturer. These provide additional information such as the location of gas stations, have to do without the user of the ad-supported freeware version. But even so, the Tire download thanks to the intuitive handling and routing library a great thing for travelers who like to tackle their holiday individually. Other directions are available in our software catalog for free download.