Start Training without Runtastic Login

A Runtastic login is not required for the training, but for the community. And this is how it works. Register now and fitmachen!

Under sports and running junkies it is among the most popular apps. Already more than 14 million times to download the Runtastic app has been carried out - a figure that speaks for itself. Who finally wants to silence his inner pig dog has with the app pretty good chances. Just download it, put sport shoes and start walking, because a proper Runtastic login does not need it. Only those who need the community as an additional motivation levers should conduct a registration. This guide shows how to make the app with and without access to running.

Even without Runtastic Login run training starts rolling

Skiing, skating, cycling, horseback riding, boating or hiking: Runtastic will track the routes for all movement sports. The app data for distance traveled, time, pace and the altitude provides. Also consumed calories are indicated. Since the app is made extremely clear and intuitive, it is ideal for both professionals and beginners. This refers incidentally to both the health as well as on the technology affinity. The recording of the track, the evaluation of the training sessions and the integrated music players are available without Runtastic login. Even the nice additional information such as weather, being and track conditions that may yield after training every runner, and the motivation speaker who can be defined individually, are on board. runtastic Login

By logging in Runstastic cheers come

The function range of training app will be extended with a Runastic login. So is the user after registering the access to the community open. Completed routes can be uploaded to the community or shared via Facebook. In addition, the app then a live tracking ready Friends can thus observe the strenuous activity and thereby transmit pre-recorded applause, cheers and Anheizer.

From Runtastic download for sweaty jogging

In the following steps explain how to first get the app on the smartphone and then makes use. The statement considered the application at Runtastic and shows both ways on. 1&# 46; Download the app: First, the app must be downloaded. The free version is available on for download. Those who want to install the paid Pro version, this is the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. However, this is to pay a one-time price of 4.99 euros. The app is about 19 megabytes and downloaded on average after two minutes. 2&# 46; Start the app: If the app on your phone, it can be started on the app icon. In general, the app is listed in all applications, but can be found even faster under Downloads. 3&# 46; GPS data: Starts the user the first time the app, it opens a window asking for permission of the GPS data. Here is an approval is required if Runtastic to tracken the routes. 4&# 46; Introduction to the app: After the app is about six screens, which is to inform the user about how the app. Those who prefer even want to discover all the features, skip this part easy. Runtastic Login Facebook 5.a Runtastic login: In the next step, the app asks for registration. Here are two ways can be selected: a) Log on social networks, so among other things classic with your own Facebook account, or b) registration with the entering of personal data. Skip 5.b Registration: Who initially did not want to log in to the community, can simply skip the application and make up for any time later. The button for this is a little hidden at the bottom of the screen. With Tap the Login with Runtastic lets Remind me later round. Skip runtastic Login 6&# 46; Terms agree: In the final step, the user only has to agree to the terms and conditions and the training can start!