Learn to drive

Learn to drive

Learning to drive makes learner online fit for the theory test. Directly in the browser, the visually appealing Web App exam questions for different classes of vehicles. Tasks to the car driver’s license has learn to drive well like for the license of buses, trucks and various bicycle types.

Learning to ride download as a virtual driving examiners

Click by click conducts virtual driving examiners through the online arches and also uses the power of the Internet from great. Anyone Web learning in driving app because the question is uncertain, can be either a help or written kind show makes use of learning while driving embedded videos. These illustrate the traffic situation in question and help sometimes to the correct approach.

Learning to ride Download

Direct solutions to all questions

Whether the clicked answer is the right one, one experiences while driving learning Download right before the next question. Herein, the auditor apart from most comparable offers its genre. On the home three large blocks are first to see the guided learning path, the practical training and the additional training. When guided learning path the learner has his learning level always in view. The learning level indicator at the top of the screen reveals how far you have come and how many questions are still to be completed.

Choice of three difficulty levels

The Fahrnovize exercises all the questions of the selected license category divided into three difficulty levels, from level 1 (easy) to level 3 (severe). The green bar indicates the current progress. A detailed statistics is available with a click. In step 4, their own knowledge by testing simulations to strengthen. When the lights finally shows green, the learner is ready for the real exam. The practical training in learning to drive Download prepares tricky situations in everyday driving in front. In search images critical points to be discovered in different driving situations. With perception images of view is further sharpened.

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Learning to ride Download Tips

Learning to drive prepares the practice hours ago

Additional help in the practical driving training represent the practice packages. This prepares students to specific practice hours before, such as the in and out at different highways or turning and priority situations. you are grouped by topic and always consist of several steps. As additional training are in Learning to ride Download various learning aids. In the new video questions of novice drivers is intelligent instructions, what to look for in the video special about this place.

Learning to ride download exam questions

Targeted Practice in additional training

In addition training of novice drivers can practice all the questions again and determines itself the focus of the training. are available for selection next Video, traffic signs and speed issues also image issues that are varied in the driving test. All answered incorrectly labeled and questions are available here. Other programs for learner drivers are available in our software catalog. Good preparation for new drivers Learning to drive has a Web app already in the demo a good insight into the virtual learning for the coveted license. However, in the demo specific areas such as the practice and additional training are fully closed and the Catalog of exam questions limited to a maximum of 30 pieces.

learn the limitations of driving

In Demo mode, only the first 30 questions can be answered. In addition, certain areas such as the practical training and the additional training are not accessible.