Enable Google Voice Search: The basic commands

Talk instead of type is the new motto: The Google Voice Search Ok Google works perfectly with Android, iOS and also works without problems after the Google Chrome download on the desktop PC. We betrayed, as can be disable Google Voice Search and activate it. learn more here - even about the most popular Ok Google commands!

Use Ok Google commands by voice: Google Voice Search

The standard search with Google is practical and almost everyone is using it. However, there is sometimes still a bit awkward to type longer expressions or questions so Google tells us the answers. Therefore, it pays to enable Okay Google search and use on your smartphone or tablet. With the Google voice input can be performed in an uncomplicated way advanced commands.

Google voice input as a powerful competitor for Siri and Cortana

Siri from Apple and Cortana Microsoft are already used diligently, but also provides Google with Google Okay now a reliable and powerful voice search. The Ok Google voice commands can be used on Android, iOS, or the Chrome browser. the command "okay Google" launch Voice Search. Instead of tapping the search laborious and tedious, simply the desire to simply speak into the microphone. Ok Google finds a solution even with so many complex problems.

Google Voice SearchTyping save with the Google voice search and commands Ok Google

get directions, find places and ask for the weather

For some of the commands must be enabled in the Google Settings smartphones or tablets Google Now. A popular example for Okay Google commands the Setting an alarm. For this example, simply "Set alarm for 8:00" say. Or you can be with "call Mr. Miller" recall an important call. Likewise, a text message or an e-mail can be sent without typing. Simply this, specify the recipient and subject, and even the mail or text message for the journey. Furthermore, one can calculate with the Google voice search routes, find locations or ask about the weather. the user will dispense more frequently, as many knowledge questions are also possible via the Google voice search to the query at Wikipedia. The Google Voice Search can also be used for many practical everyday tasks to calculate, for example, to tip, to translate words to solve math problems or to convert units. They also tend to communicate abroad, plan trips and open Web pages used. Likewise, stock quotes, or the standings of the preferred football club can bring in experience.

Google Search by voice Activate iPhone, Android and Chrome

To enable Google Voice Search on Android, the user opens the Google App and choose Settings > language > Ok from Google recognition. To start voice search a Ok Google or a tip satisfies the microphone icon. Similar works Google voice search on the iPhone or iPad app. Those who want to use this on Chrome, click the top right of the Chrome menu and activated in the settings in the Search section, the Ok Google option. At the same point, the Google Voice Search can be disabled.

Google Voice Search: The main Ok Google commands with examples

  • get stock quotes: "What is the Microsoft stock?"
  • Answers to interesting questions: "Where was Michelangelo born?" or "How old is Udo Lindenberg?"
  • Send e-mail: "Send an email to Klara: Subject: Cinema, message: Let's go today evening to the movies?"
  • Convert Units: "What are 56 inches to centimeters?"
  • Set a reminder: "Remind me to call at 16.00 Werner"
  • For movie: "Which movies come on the weekend at the movies?"
  • call friend "call Herbert Müller"
  • See overdue bills: "My telecom bills in 2015"
  • solve mathematical equations: "What is the square root of 124?"
  • Search for images: "Show me pictures of Mallorca"
  • After Weather ask: "How will the weather tomorrow night?"
  • After the time to ask: "What time is it in Madrid?"
  • Find new music: "What songs are from Madonna?"
  • Find places near: "Where is the next restaurant?"
  • Track a package: "Where is my package?"
  • To plan a journey: "What sights there are in Lisbon?"
  • get directions: "Directions from Hamburg to Frankfurt"
  • SMS to a friend "SMS to Wolfgang: Come 10 minutes later"
  • Google Calendar create: "Create an appointment in my calendar: Dinner in Berlin, Sunday at 20.30"
  • Overview of dates received: "When will the next meeting take place?"
  • Calculate tip: "What is the tip at 68 euros?"
  • Set alarm: "Setting your alarm for every Wednesday morning 6:00"
  • Defining word: "What is compensation?"
  • Words or sentences: "What's Welcome in Spanish?"