WhatsApp voice message quietly? These tricks help 2023

WhatsApp voice message quietly? These tricks help

You have the problem that the incoming WhatsApp voice message quietly is – so quiet that you can barely understand? And that happens all the time? Do not worry, this is an old problem that you can solve quickly, at least in most cases. Everything you need is, of course, a recent version of WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone to ever receive voicemail

If the WhatsApp voice message is quiet: Causes

The most trivial cause is quite simple: Too noisy environment. That sounds naturally first stupid, but sometimes the ambient noise does not affect so extreme, until you have to concentrate on something. And then when the mobile phone speaker is not the best, it can be difficult. The remedy here is good headphones, shield the ambient noise.

WhatsApp voice message quietlyIf the WhatsApp voice message is played softly or quietly arrives at the contact, can have various causes. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

If a WhatsApp voice message is not only quiet but also sounds unclear, but this is only the case for a contact, there can still be a very trivial way that causes the “problem”: Your contact stops at interjected finger on the microphone , This can happen fast times, especially when the phone is still new and you just do not know where the microphone actually sits. Here is a subtle reminder probably the best decision. Or maybe his phone is broken. Then you can send him these instructions, of course, be happy.

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Nevertheless, it may well be due to their own hardware or software that WhatsApp voice message is quiet. but that you can easily test:

First aid for quiet voice messages

  1. Also quite trivial: Have you set the media volume very quiet? Mostly this is the reason why messages are played softly. simply increase the volume during playback or puts it in the settings -> Sounds and notifications under Media louder. Should the media volume be set to “0”, WhatsApp has you by the way also indicated.
  2. If you notice that other apps are quiet, even though the system volume is high enough, really could be to blame the hardware. Just take even a voice and plays it back or play back a song. If, despite the high volume everything is too quiet, microphone or speakers could be broken. Is it because of the speakers, but everything works through headphones, which should not be tragic for most users continue – unless you need the speakers. Then you should consider to repair your phone.
  3. Before you do it, but you can also test the microphone sensitivity. This can namely at least set on some smartphones:
    • Opens in the settings, select “Sounds and Notifications” and clicks you about the additional settings for the microphone sensitivity. Represents the value of “low” to “automatic”. Note: Not all phones have this capability. On a Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 6.0 Marshmallow does not work.
  4. If a message to silent, it may also be that the contact has set the noise reduction. simply advise him, under Settings -> Call settings -> reduce noise look up and if necessary to remove the hook – and test it right on your own Android device.
  5. Another possible cause may be that your smartphone for WhatsApp is not suitable. Say: It is simply not supported by Messenger. Among them, certain functions – suffer – just the voice recording. What devices are supported and whether of your is, you can read the FAQ WhatsApp. If you use a Nokia S60 or a BlackBerry, you have this problem probably only since the beginning of the 2017th
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WhatsApp voice message quietly headphonesTo test: Just try to listen to the voice message via headphones. The environment may be too noisy – or there is something wrong with the television speakers. (Picture: pixabay)

Message is not played back: What to do?

Do you have the “message sound” in the WhatsApp settings -> Notifications turned on? If not, set the hook here.

It may also be that you hold your cell phone too close to your face and triggers the proximity sensor. The screen is just black and you hear nothing or just a silent message. simply held to the ear, in this case Smartphone: The message is output via the handset.

is played softly that WhatsApp voice message may simply be because you have not the latest version of Messenger or partly filled with the latest operating system. This problem appeared intermittently especially for iPhone users, which you have operated iPhone 6 or 7 with iOS 10.0.2. An update to version 10.1.1 has thereby helped many. Or forced restart times (iPhone 7/7 Plus: Standby & Volume down button hold around 10 seconds).

The volume will increase delayed

Some iPhone and Android users have the problem that a voice message two to three seconds is very quiet and then gets louder. Do you know of this problem with your device, just wait these few seconds before your one precht a message.

Do you want to test your speakers to old voice messages or looking for more information about this WhatsApp feature, you just look at following: WhatsApp voice messages: information, how-to & Tips

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