Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter

Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter helps digitize VHS videos and save the data recorded on the magnetic tapes films from decay. Basically, the converter works like a VCR including various editing and writing features.

Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter Download: save old VHS videos

Whoever finds it regrettable that old recordings of video cassettes are dedicated for technical reasons soon the fall, reaches for the Golden Videos VHS to DVD Converter download and converts the own favorite videos from VHS tapes to more modern DVD formats or digital files. The data source freeware not only uses the good old VHS recorder, but also others, to the video input connected devices. Thus, the signal internal or external webcams can be recorded without any problems, for example.

Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter Download

Titles and labels can be added

If necessary, Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter corrected in the course of recording various parameters such as brightness or contrast, thus ensuring a better result of the recording. In addition, two filters to choose from, which convert the movies in black and white or sepia. Greater technical knowledge is required for the processing of analog recordings. On helpful assistant guides the user through the conversion. So to determine the audio recording level to optimize the sound and also add titles and labels on request succeeds. Some effects can be adjusted before or after the video is recorded.

use still images from movies for a slideshow

Various tools are available to spice up the image quality of old recordings and films to give worn again more charisma. can automatically be correct defects in analog video and improve image quality. Useful is the ability to select individual images from a film for a slideshow.

Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter download Webcam

optimize movies for playback on smartphones

After completion of digitization Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter stores the movies in AVI, MP4 and MPEG format or burn the clips directly from within the program on CD or DVD. On request, the freeware downloads the movies to YouTube or optimizes them for playback on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter is free for private use

The user interface provides additional buttons for editing or converting the movies, this is but loaded the manufacturer additional software installed. After this Golden Video Free VHS to DVD Converter Download the trial version for private use has been released for free. All Features of the full version can be used without restriction. Only commercial users must pay a mite.

Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter Download Burn

preserve old VHS recordings and optimize Golden Video Free VHS to DVD Converter convert video tapes to DVDs or digital files and ensures that old recordings survive in contemporary formats. The freeware can also be used for repairing the old videos and store in optimized, revamped form on the new disk.