TuneUp Utilities 2014

TuneUp Utilities 2014

Of the TuneUp Utilities Download now called "AVG PC TuneUp" and further optimized with more than 30 tools the system settings on Windows computers, the shareware solves performance brakes in the system and increases the battery life in notebooks. Numerous tuning tools are bundled with a stylish interface and go far beyond the Windows own settings. This increase performance, maintain the system and solve Windows problems.

TuneUp Utilities Download: classic amongst tuning tools

The complete package for Windows optimization comes from the German company TuneUp Software GmbH, a subsidiary of AVG Technologies, and includes several utilities for Analyze, configure, optimize and maintain Windows PCs. The all-inclusive package was first published in 1997 under the name TuneUp 97th The well-known brand name helps the shareware since TuneUp Utilities 2003. Meanwhile, this was by "AVG PC TuneUp" replaced.

TuneUp Utilities DownloadTuneUp Utilities Download a classic among Windows optimizers (Picture: AVG / Editorial)

Targeted deactivation of power guzzlers by TuneUp Utilities

Unlike most other Windows applications tuner TuneUp Utilities does not have to uninstall to free up system resources. Instead the Program Deactivator associated background services switched on as long, until the user actually needs. the overview classified for selecting the appropriate power absorbing programs according to their power hunger and enables the targeted deactivation. Safety-related software, and system components thereof are the way except in order not to endanger the security and stability of the system.

1-Click Maintenance removes Windows brakes

In addition, the TuneUp Utilities download provides the improved 1-Click Maintenance is a quick way to eliminate more than 70 Windows brakes. As configuration errors and opportunities for improvement are automatically identified and applied. In detail, this means improving the display options for windows, taskbar & Co. and the Internet and system options.

TuneUp Utilities Download 1-Click Maintenance1-Click Maintenance as a quick way to remove Windows brakes (Image: AVG / Editorial)

Turbo Mode TuneUp Utilities provides maximum performance

On request TuneUp Utilities automatically optimizes the system during work breaks, without the need to take care of it. Turbo mode switches off numerous functions in the background that are often hardly needed. So the maximum performance for compute-intensive applications and games will be activated. The Live Optimization improves the reaction rate by a little trick: Programs that run in the background, the optimizer slows a bit and so that active programs are too lazy prevented.

Check startup entries and meaningful reduction

TuneUp Utilities accelerated program starts, even if the PC is currently heavily burdened by a variety of other programs. In addition, startup entries are useful reduced and so once again put more power available. A new gadget displays the status of your computer right on your desktop and allows direct start of TuneUp functions. was reflected particularly in the use of TuneUp Utilities on netbooks and notebooks. Here is the automatic maintenance is not started, to prevent unnecessary battery consumption on battery power.

TuneUp Utilities Download OverviewAll functions of TuneUp Utilities at a glance (Photo: AVG / Editorial)

New flight mode extends battery life

The version of TuneUp Utilities 2014 Downloads comes with a duplicate finder on the computer and enables notebooks and netbooks by clicking in the known of smartphones flight mode. This switches on mobile devices, the Bluetooth and wireless LAN functions and extends the battery life. The TuneUp Styler exchanged on request startup screens and changes the program icons. The multiple award-winning software package optimized reliable system settings for noticeably better performance of the PC. The user adjusts them selectively and comfortably to their own wishes and needs and sets hidden system settings freely. Recommended!

Limitations of TuneUp Utilities 2014

15 days unlimited use of the trial.

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