pick up a trick and a little luck Pokémon GO spell

pick up a trick and a little luck Pokémon GO spell

Pokémon GO spell cashed? We reveal how to make the lock by Fortuna’s grace reversed and what to look for in the future, if you want to stay in the game. learn more here!

Anyone with hunting monsters using third party – such as after downloading the Poke Radar app – get or even using a bot can quickly risking access to the game. While only soft bans were imposed a few hours shortly after the release, but now the developer Niantic attacks by consistently at a violation of the Terms. On the website states:

We will enforce the terms of use and these guidelines.
We review flagged or marked player accounts and content and will determine whether they violate the Terms of Service and / or these guidelines. Accounts are penalized for breaching the terms of use or the coaches guidelines – we can issue a warning, suspend your participation in the game or block your account (for serious or repeated violations).

Pokémon GO spellPokémon GO spell conceded? It can be broken.

How do you recognize the Pokémon GO spell?

In a so-called soft spell, the game can be while still start, but you can not interact. So it is impossible to hunt during a soft ban monster to fight in arenas or collect itmes from Pokéstops. Most often, the spell only lasts a few hours and does not yield any further restrictions in the game. In contrast, if the account was completely blocked. In this case users fail when registering. then so far only helped to re-register with the new user data. However, it is worth it now to wait for something, because Niantic also highlights this type of Pokémon GO spell on occasion. If this is not done after a few days, blocked users now have the opportunity to contact support.

Application for unblocking

On the pages of Niantic a form with which unblocking may be requested is now. Here, only e-mail address, coaches name and the reason for the Offer must be named. For more persuasive arguments of the message even documents such as screenshots can be added. However, the processing takes a few days and can also be negative in certain circumstances. still have to make users of maps and radar pretty good chances, the Pokémon GO spell reversed, all, the GPS data are manipulated or a bot put to use, virtually no prospect of rehabilitation.

cancel Pokémon GO spellThe form is the only option to help remove a spell again.

In future avoid ban

you could support via his account and reactivate the game, you should stick to the rules in the future. These are found in the terms and conditions that you have to accept if you want to play Pokémon GO. The list of prohibitions, which prepares Niantic here is quite extensive. So here’s the most important no-gos in the overview:

  • Violation of the rights or insult other individuals or groups
  • Proliferation of illegal, obscene or similar content
  • Trespassing of land and buildings
  • (To register as multiple accounts or share with several people one account) deceptions in the indication of personal data
  • The use of cheats, hacks, bots, spiders, crawlers, data mining tools, hacks and similar software and third-party tools (like cards or radars)