Mozilla Firefox start faster

Over time, the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox starts getting slower. A little bit of tuning is required to Mozilla Firefox start faster allow. learn more here!

Mozilla Firefox start faster with increased functionality

Once he was lean and fast, but with the spread Mozilla Firefox has clearly increased in functionality and safety. That means a loss of speed on the other side, simply because more actions need to be processed. This applies not only for program execution, but also the program start. Who starts the browser exactly once a day, can certainly do without the following optimizations.

start Firefox faster - Tip 1

Simple and fast: It pays to disable the update check. Although this means the one that should be independently tested for browser updates occasionally, but on the other hand saves a little time at startup: No update check, no time delay in loading the browser.Mozilla Firefox faster start auto updates disable Screenshot

start Firefox faster - Tip 2

Browser add-ons are a good thing and bring additional functionality in Firefox. But more installed extensions also mean an extension of the start time. In the Firefox menu add-ons you can check what is actually needed and remove all other add-ons. Details on the subject can be found here: Disable Mozilla Firefox add-ons

start Firefox faster - Tip 3

Anyone who uses a conventional hard drive and no SSD can fall back to a relatively old hat also: prefetch. Is prefetch enabled, Windows loads for program execution needed components already at startup. Whether Firefox prefetch adds value depends on various factors such as the operating system and the hard drive from. So just try:

  • Right-click the Firefox shortcut
  • Right click on Mozilla Firefox
  • Left-click on Properties

Mozilla Firefox start faster prefetch

  • Select Shortcut tab
  • put a space in the Target box, and then (including quotes): "/ Prefetch: 1"
  • Confirm with OK

Enable Mozilla Firefox faster start prefetch

start Firefox faster - Tip 4

User data and old sessions stores Mozilla Firefox in the user profile. Since constantly adding new data here, the profile over time fragmented. With a slim freeware users defragment their public profile, which can also make for a faster start of the browser. Again, users of an SSD can do without on this tip.

  • First, download SpeedyFox
  • close Firefox and start SpeedyFox
  • click the Optimize button on the right side
  • After a few seconds you will receive a report on the success of the execution.

Mozilla Firefox start faster Speedfox

In most cases, the Firefox start should now go much faster. Occasionally, the re-run the defragmentation by Optimize can again for even a little bit more start Turbo worry.