Valentine Poems: Beautiful verses ship 2023

Valentine Poems: Beautiful verses ship

Who Valentine’s Day poems seeks will find it here. We have picked out the most beautiful classic poems to read aloud, reciting or writing their own love mail. Just copy a poem as Valentine and paste it into an email or WhatsApp!

Send Valentine’s Day poems by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp

Valentine poems are often sent via SMS or email. Especially popular and practical for shipping the romantic Valentines and poetic verses to your loved ones or your sweetheart is the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS. February 14 of the year is the day of lovers. Valentine’s Day was named by Bishop Valentine of Terni. This, according to legend is said to have married in the 3rd century AD in love despite the imperial ban and then gave them flowers. Since Bischof Valentin was executed on February 14, 269, he is considered a martyr and even today is remembered on February 14, his deeds, are by traditionally sent on Valentine’s Day flowers or love quotes and love poems to especially loved ones.

Valentine's Day poemsValentine Poems: The most beautiful love confessions of five famous German poet.

Valentine poems of five major German poets

Who wants to leave a lasting impression on loved ones through the usual Valentine’s Day sayings addition, selects stylish Valentine’s Day poems full of romance, longing and love. are particularly suitable the literary precious love confessions by Heinrich Heine, Rainer Maria Rilke, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Theodor Storm and Christian Morgenstern. We each selected from each of these five great German poet an exceptionally beautiful love poem that honored for digital delivery as Valentine is suitable poem.

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Heinrich Heine (1797-1856): You’re like a flower

You are like a flower
so sweet and beautiful and pure,
I ‘look at you, and sadness
creeps into my heart.

I feel as if I hands
his head shall put you ‘
praying that God made you get
so pure and beautiful and charming.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926): Love confession

Quietly I hear you call
every whisper and Wehn.
In a loud white steps,
who created my wishes to,
I hear your to-me-go.

Now you know of the companions,
and that he loves you … that makes:
It blossom in its gardens
the long swept by the light
Flowers bloom overnight …

Christian Morgenstern (1871-1914): Enough often

Enough often that two people meet,
– not physically, mentally only – that they "see"
that they confront one another once –
thereafter perhaps lost forever.

Often enough that a smile of two souls
married – not married oh! only this: it leads,
so each other silently and shaken,
that they lack all of the word ‘and wishes,
and each, inexpressibly touched,
trembles only deep tremors from the relatives.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832): Near lover

I think of you when the sun shimmer
radiates from the sea;
I think of you when the moon ‘Flicker
paints in sources.

I’ll see you when on the distant road
The dust rises;
In the dead of night when the narrow webs
The wanderer trembles.

I hear you, when with a dull roar
The wave rises.
In the quiet grove I often go to listen,
If everything is silent.

I’m with you; you were ever so distant,
You’re close to me!
The sun sets, soon me shine the stars.
Oh, you were there!

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Theodor Storm (1817-1888): night

Already midnight! My head is desolate –
To bed! I have watched long;
But whether the August closes tired
When the heart knows well day and night?

The heart, the heart has never Ruh,
Flying to you through time and space,
In the dream, my sweet life you,
In life, you are my sweet dream!