Who wants to use Napster streaming service, initially should be on the Napster Login to register. How this works and between which tariff variants to choose from, read here!

In music offer Napster one of the oldest and best-known services worldwide. Since 2009, the being incorporated in Rhapsody offer has turned into a streaming service, which you can use from now thanks to download the Napster app not just at home on the PC, but also on the go. However, the service is not free when compared to competitors.

Napster Login

Napster login for virtually unlimited music enjoyment

Who created an account with Napster, can access over 30 million songs from different genres and thousands of audiobooks. In addition, playlists can be created and accessed from different devices to their own music. After Napster login, the user receives only a 30-day free trial period. A general free version does not exist.

So the login Napster is created

There are two ways to create an account with Napster. Either to sign up to the PC via the browser or create a test account on the app after you have this installed on the smartphone.Who wants to handle the registration via the browser goes as follows:

Napster login Website

  • First, this page will be opened in any browser. There, then click on Sign up.
  • The user now has the ability to perform the Napster Login via Facebook or classic to create an account with an email address and password. If available, another coupon code can be entered.
  • In the entry fields two check boxes are displayed. The first one can be safely ignored, unless you like newsletter. The second box is mandatory. Here is a check mark must be set to agree to the terms and conditions.

Napster Login Terms

  • Next, the user clicks on the button confirm login information to confirm.

In addition, the user must specify a bank account in order for the payment are cleared.After registration, the user can instantly access the offer from Napster. If necessary, the user can install software on his Windows or Mac system. This has all the functions and settings under one roof. In addition, the program can be used with only one Napster Login to three different devices.

Tariffs and costs in Napster

Who created a login with Napster, the service can first test 30-day trial. Note: If the Trial inactive announces it will automatically continue as a paid paid subscription! A subscription can be canceled monthly. The settlement may also be made via the mobile phone bill when the subscription via the provider is completed. Napster provides two different subscription models available that differ in terms of their uses and functions:

1. Napster

This subscription model is the simpler of the two, but also has fewer features. The Music Flatrate is more suitable for use in the browser. Music can only be streamed in principle, so an internet connection is essential. The subscription costs 7.95 euros per month (as of 7/15/15).

Napster login Rates

2. Napster Mobile +

This flat rate includes everything that is needed for round-listening. One can after Napster login music on the computer, listening to the tablet or smartphone. In addition to the wide range of access, it is also possible to have his music played on Internet-enabled systems such as Sonos, Logitech Squeezebox, Xbox 360, Yamaha receiver, etc.. Also on Smart TVs or BMW and MINI playback is possible.

Napster Mobile Login

Another advantage is that users can make available their music offline. Are the favorite songs once stored on the smart phone or PC, it can also play without an Internet connection. This saves course data volume in mobile use. This subscription model will cost (as of 07/15/15) 9.95 euros a month.