Once batted into the iPhone camera - quite a cutesy bears or Iron, instead of the face Harry Potter to see Man. It does not work? Go then! And with the currently hyped MSQRD app. The application puts the face in real time on a digital screen. Thanks to Face Tracking the mask clings even when movements deceptively on to the face.

MSQRD app: selfies with real-time masks

The original app from the home Masqerade Technologies currently goes right through the roof. The App Store filter app has climbed to No. 1 worldwide - although the idea is not so new. Also Snapchat or paid app Face Swap Live had already used face masks. However, it brings the MSQRD iPhone version almost to perfection. The developers have also rolled out some updates that more witty filters were not integrated.

MSQRD appThe MSQRD app puts faces on digital screens

The app is currently only available as an iPhone application. But a MSQRD Android version to follow in any case. Information according to which developers already a beta version that is still diligently checked thoroughly.

Which filter has MSQRD iPhone?

The use of MSQRD app is more than simple. Simple, keep the face in the camera select an effect and have turned his own ego in an animal, a sci-figure or a star. A total of 40 different filters are waiting to adorn the face of all users. Boring it is not so with the Selfie application.

With Among others, these filters are:

  • Animals: Tiger, Polar Bear, monkey, etc.
  • zombie & skeleton
  • Batman's Joker & Ironman
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, Harry Potter, type change à la Conchita Wurst
  • Soldier or reggae-Man
  • Effects: Huge eyes, a Ziggy Stardust Memory Flash by David Bowie, Panda hat, etc.

MSQRD app faces exchangeA new Gaudi at MSQRD is the exchange of faces

A relatively new addition is the ability to swap faces. So if you are a couple imagines the camera, the app is able to replace both faces with each other - a huge fun for friends or couples.

Selfies and videos Create and share

The special feature is that users can create selfies not only, it can also be small videos rotate therewith. For grandiose effects, Face Tracking ensures the MSQRD app. Once you move the face in front of the camera, blinks his eyes or slack concerning his mouth, the filters and masks move.

The results can be posted with just a click of social networks. In addition, the photos can even export - only a small watermark you have to take into account.