Stereoscopic Player plays video in a new emerging 3D format. The remarkable thing is that the video player supports not only one, but all three-dimensional video formats. In addition, the shareware understands stuff and also supports standard 2D video formats.

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There are now a number of different 3D formats. The anaglyph be viewed with red-cyan glasses, shutter glasses are required for interlaced video, 3D movies in juxtaposition format requires the so-called squint technology, etc. To make matters worse, for each technology actually has its own player is needed. Stereoscopic Player, however, converts three-dimensional video using the corresponding codecs in the required 3D format and therefore plays all movies. For this purpose only the video must be loaded into the player and the appropriate format be selected. Here, the projectionist equal created the need for further use stereoscopic metadata in SVI format. However, in the free version of Stereoscopic Player playback is limited to a period of five minutes.

Stereoscopic Player Download

Who jump on the still relatively new train of 3D videos, but not want to be limited to a specific format, is well advised with the Stereoscopic Player. The variety of supported formats makes the video player over other players just a little more flexible.

Limitations of Stereoscopic Player

Plays only 5 minutes.