Halloween: The party for horror fans has long since arrived in Germany and is becoming increasingly popular. But what makes the computer? At startup and shutdown of the bright Windows beep still sounds. That must not be! With the Halloween Sounds Download let the Windows sounds replaced instantly with scary sounds - just right to prepare for the oktoberliche Halloween party.

Halloween Sounds Download ensures scary mood

Real big fans of Jamie Lee Curtis, the indestructible Michael Myers and all the other insane monsters that have been neglected in childhood, can beef up the Windows beep horrifically the rest of the year with the Halloween Sounds Download course. 30 scary sounds are available. From the relatively harmless flutter sound of a bat at night, through the eerie creak of a door through to the quirky midnight strike an old grandfather clock or nasty zombie apocalypse.

Halloween Sounds Download

Halloween Sounds for the faint hearted

Halloween is a holiday for the whole family. The little ones running through the streets and collect candy. Splatter sounds, such as a ring tone on the phone would be a bit too much of evil in the case. the for such purposes are suitable Halloween Sounds for the faint hearted significantly better. In Halloween Sounds Download this includes for example the midnight strike an old grandfather clock, the bat, the spirit or the storm.

Halloween Sounds for Intrepid

True horror fans have for the spirits sound à la Casper, the children's ghost, probably not much left but a weary smile. But even for this clientele will be provided. Among the Halloween Sounds for Intrepid in the download collection is one example, the screaming woman. And who have always wanted to experience an acoustic Splatter "run over by the train" is a more than creepy example of this.

Halloween Sounds for head-cinema

Of course, well-known horror movie quotes must not be neglected in a collection of 30 Halloween sounds. Few particularly striking seconds are sufficient, and the thrill of an entire film is now in the head-cinema. They found what they will be in this area, for example, the sound bytes "Godzilla"Which one will release the film with the huge monster back vivid memories.

Halloween Sounds Werewolf

Halloween sound for all minds After Halloween Sounds Download you have the choice from over 30 different horror sounds. There is something for every taste - it was the rather harmless Geistergesumme or splatter regular train accident. Conveniently, the audios are after download in WAV format. In this way the Halloween sounds can be used in different ways, be it as well to accompany a short clip Windows sound, ringtone or either to set the mood for the next Halloween party or throughout the year. With any audio player you can listen to the loops after downloading in advance before. Those who have no player installed yet: Here you can download a lot of free audio player.