At the beginning of the online game, the Molehill out fairly overgrown field. A player's task is to make the stony and infiltrated by moles terrain gradually a work of art of horticulture. So begins times so thus to plant small areas of the property with carrots and salad, with a dwarf, previous owner of the garden, is helpful to the side. With the bike makes you look at Wurzelimperium on the way into town. There is brought on the market income earned man and woman, arises at the hardware store decorative and useful and visits to local gardeners club. Here you can meet with the other Gründäumlingen and takes part in competitions ... Who would ever want to grow on the screen to their hearts content, water and harvest for which is Wurzelimperium certainly a fine thing. Mainly thanks to the numerous online players to take action and share the games promises lasting Gartenspaß long.