With the SUPER download, the user is able to convert multimedia files in a variety of target formats. The free converter supports even file types that plays not even VLC. The freeware is also preparing audio and video for iPhone and MP3 player on – and plays back smoothly.

SUPER Download: jack of all trades for video conversion

The converter is like a little surprise package. At first glance, he made a fairly inconspicuous impression – but on closer examination, it turns out to be an all-rounder in terms of conversion. The program consists in converting audio and video to the known Open Source Encoder FFMpeg, MEncoder and x264. The user can decide for themselves, to be carried out with what Encoder conversion process. With a choice of three encoders should not be a problem. Much more difficult turns out there already opting for the destination format. Thus, the software almost all popular formats for all devices in the program. For example, videos and audios can be prepared for the iPod, the MP3 player Zune from Microsoft, the PlayStation Portable, or his brother PSP and Pocket PCs. After this SUPER download in version 2014 and the subsequent installation on the computer confusion comes momentarily. The freeware is presented with a minimalistic user interface – which is actually positive. But the structure of the program view contradicts all normal usability assumptions.

SUPER download

Unusual surface with many screws for video professionals

Has the user accustomed to the surface with its exceptional appearance and arrangement, he can with the Settings for the conversion process start. Contrary to expectation should not be selected as the first, the output format, but the target format. So after downloading SUPER 2014, the first step is supported in the drop-down box from a erschlagenden abundance audio and video formats aim is to determine one. Is this done, the user has various parameters for the converted multimedia file. For example, to be used by the converter codec, the desired container format or the image resolution. The video scaling can be changed as well as the number of frames per second and bit rate. If desired, you put additional aspects firm as the sample rate of the audio track or enhanced image quality options. Only at the end of the extensive configuration list of the converter is the choice of the source file – that are likely to perceive as many users getting used to.

Fast Converter converts multiple files in one go to

It is true that the conversion pro the normal operations of a converter for audio and video bit upside down. The user is however compensated with a multimedia converter, which also multiple files in one go converts the target format. With the built-in player, the results of the converted audio and video files can even check immediately afterwards.

SUPER Download - Player

supported by the converter formats:

  • Video: 3gp / 3g2, AMV, ASF, AVI, dat, DVR-MS, flc, fli, f4v, FLV, G XF, ifo, m2ts, MKV, mov, mpg, MTV, m4v, mp4, mxf, mxg, nsv, ogg, OGM, qt, ram, rm (vb), str, swf, TMF, trp, ts, ty (+), viv, VOB, webm, wmv, wtv
  • Audio: 3ga, AAC, AC3, AMR, ape, cpt, dts, FLAC, mmf, m4a, mp2, mp3, mpc, ogg, ra, SHN, tak, tta, vqf, wav, wma, wv
  • Graphic: bmp, jpg, pgm, png, ppm, sgi, tga