with pick&Zip; invite users individual photos and entire photo albums from Facebook to your local machine. Even videos will download the free Web service from Facebook. Before the first use of Pick&Zip; is the login on Facebook and the configuration of the helper. The tool asks for the assignment of rights, whether it may settle on Facebook on behalf of the user posts. Editor's: This option should be deactivated. Pick&Zip; displays an overview on every Facebook contact, available to download photos and videos. Users can also download images of friends and acquaintances in addition to your own photos. In addition, you can save photos locally on which one has been tagged by acquaintances or strangers by name. Photos downloaded stores Pick&Zip; alternatively in from a ZIP archive or a PDF file. with pick&Zip; brings you deposited with Facebook photos and videos comfortably on your own computer. Only during the initial configuration of the free web app should make sure that you can not relinquish unnecessarily posting rights to the app.