Kkiste.to, former cinema box provides streams of movies and series available for free. can Cinema box legally be? We clarify! Learn to whether one is liable to prosecution by the stream!

That Kkiste.to is one of the most popular streaming portals, not really surprised. Users can get the latest and most popular series, Hollywood and movies for free. Even if you have to make use of the offer by a download of Kkiste.to on which side of the law you move about?

Cinema box legally

German Court: Can cinema box be legal?

The portal for film and series streams cinema box is like most other registers in the island nation of Tonga. The operators have pulled their offer some time ago by Kinokiste.to to Kkiste.to over. Whether this happened because of legal things, is unclear. However, operators have revised their side and now made fit for mobile use.

Although now everything looks modern and pretty and new, that does not change the fact that the cinema box is not legal. The operators infringe copyright and reproduction rights, as they have no permission of the copyright for their offers. Often operators of such sites are talking so low that they do not host the videos on their own servers, but only link to third parties. However, this is nor permitted. Owner-like sites have already been sentenced to prison terms.

Cinema box legally user side

Cinema box users to commit an offense?

The question of whether cinema box is legal, that has been answered. For most, the question of whether users make now an offense in the use of streams, much more interesting. As clear as on the part of operators the situation there is not though. To date, the lack of a specific regulation or a judgment whether users become criminally liable when streaming illegally offered films and series. Therefore, the issue is also hotly debated everywhere and is extremely controversial.

While most lawyers say, users do not punishable, because they make no download, the case for other is just not so clear. So when streaming a temporary file is stored on the computer that deletes itself on reboot. However, it is difficult to prove whether the file has not previously been easily extracted from the folder and passed.

So far has not taken action against users who view through portals like Kkiste.to films. Whether that but forever remain so is questionable.

use cinema box - yes or no?

This question must now answer every man for himself. If cinema box legally, we would recommend the portal immediately. But since this is an illegal platform, we refrain and guess that also our users. Instead of moving into the uncertain legal gray area, you can also just use a legal streaming services. Although it then a few weeks may need to pay attention to the movie longer but we have just nothing to fear.