Linguatec Voice Reader

Of the Linguatec Voice Reader Download reads text files and web pages and so does away with hours of reading on screen.

Linguatec Voice Reader Download with professional voice output

The first text-to-speech applications (TTS) sounded mostly after tinny robotic voices from a C64 game. Linguatec Voice Reader scores here with a pretty decent-sounding voice output and also ensures by displaying an animated speaker for some "personal atmosphere", Optionally, the binary reader reads aloud complete texts or marked areas. To go hear texts alone, it exports them alternatively via one-click export as MP3 or WAV file. So you can hear the latest Yahoo or e-mails, for example, while jogging. Here, the practical Mail Converter comes to train, which automatically collects new emails and converted into audio files.

Linguatec Voice Reader Download

Linguatec Voice Reader goes with, among others, with Word, PowerPoint and Outlook and Adobe Acrobat. Here are available plugins that integrate seamlessly into the application and facilitate the application so again. Supported text formats are DOC, TXT, RTF and HTML. Linguatec Voice Reader is available in several major languages. In addition to the pure reading of texts TTS application, also makes also good at learning new languages ​​- because the reader knows how the words of the new language properly pronounced and stressed. A downloadable demo version is not available in the download area, however, a link to the online demo of the manufacturer place.