Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest

waiting in free Jewel Quest mysterious logic puzzles PC-archaeologists. Immerses the player in more than 180 levels in search of gold and other treasures in the lost world of the Maya one.

Jewel Quest download available for the tinkerers among gamers

In Jewel Quest, it is important three or more symbols of the same type by wandering back on the board in a series to get. Failing that switching game of gems, jewels and gold coins, the game drives turn in the background in golden tiles. Only when finally all the tiles of a playing field gilded, one may be led next logic puzzle to heart. However, the riddles are the further the player enters the Maya world, the more difficult.

Jewel Quest Download

Music and sound can be adjusted

Under Options to music and sounds can after Jewel Quest Download completely customize and install on their own desires. Those who have a slow PC, hidden high in detail in order to achieve a higher speed while playing. In addition, the player can remove the check mark from fullscreen to the settings instead of tinkering in full-screen mode in the familiar Windows window.

Chain reactions in Jewel Quest bring extra points on the account

After Jewel Quest download the player announces his name by clicking on player first. Who wants to look at the rules, however, choose Rules. Here he learns that three of the same symbols must be in a vertical or horizontal row, so that they disappear from the scene. The controls are simple: Two adjacent symbols can be interchanged by the player successively clicks on both or by one of the two pulls on the other. At once the background of the fields to gold cast. The overlying symbols slip and the empty rows are filled from above with new stones. This leads to many a chain reaction, as can new series arise when filling again. Who does not long time train, gets a little help with an animated proposal.

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Jewel Quest Download Control

Five Lives are available

The more symbols dissolve, the more points the player gets into your account. Most points are of course to grab at the chain reactions. Any field that turns to gold, brings an additional 50 points. The inventors have in front of Task complete a level before the time is trickled. Otherwise, a life is lost. If he has successfully completed a round, the remaining time on the number of bonus points decision.

The time in each round is limited

At the beginning of Jewel Quest, the player has five lives available. After every 50,000 points, another is added. The life go each lost when the time is up, but if no other train is possible. However, the latter is rare. Those looking for more free thinking and T├╝ftelspiele will find it in our software offering.

Jewel Quest Download Bonus Points

Addictive logic game with fancy backdrop Jewel Quest brings a successful graphics and background scenery with a simple but all captivate their gameplay. Friends of logic games is likely to pull the small, free puzzle where quickly under his spell. The best and most skilled puzzle fans perpetuate itself in a high score list.