Is safe or makes you liable to prosecution?

Is safe or makes you liable to prosecution?

Despite the prosecution operators, the portal enjoys among movie fans great popularity. is safe or illegal terrain? Here you can get all the facts to rights!

Streaming services on the very latest blockbusters and series hits naturally bring the eyes of each film freaks shine. If the streams are then also have to tepid, almost nobody comes more around it. That is also reflected in the numbers of users on the Portal and downloading the app However, common sense ought to provoke skepticism when movies that just in the cinema, suddenly also free on the net. safe

If the user is on sure? is far from certain. Considering on the one hand, the side of the operator, it is clear that fractures of the copyright are present and that is liable to prosecution. Although the operators distance themselves from the accusation that offer streams and formulate the on their side so: sure FAQ

In this country, but that does not change the illegal act. Even if the operators do not provide live streams itself, they violate the Copyright Act 15 only by the links to the streams to the paragraph §. Which states that only the author (and used third parties) have the right to distribute, reproduce and publicly available. This also makes the user caused offense.

Terms of illegal Consequences

Whether now the user makes punishable watching illegal streams, is currently controversial. The point is: even when streaming data is stored temporarily in the RAM memory, which is already an offense in principle. The user is therefore contrary in paragraph § 53 of the Copyright Act against the part to use “any illegal source.” So far, no warning letters were sent out to users of But should it even get that far, users have the following consequences:

  • Users must sign cease and desist, never to copy footage again.
  • Claims for compensation must be paid: These arise in part from the legal fees, which are about 150 euros. The second part is derived from the actually incurred damage. Here about 10 euros for the movies (or video rental) are calculated per film.

User is safer without

Those who want to distance themselves from piracy, gray areas and illegality, should stay away from this and other streaming portals of this kind. The user is certain in any case, only without Who uses the streams is liable to prosecution. safe alternative

This does not mean that each streaming offering equals illegal. There are quite legal alternatives. Against monthly fees you can enjoy movies, series and Co. legally on Netflix, max cathedrals, Watch Ever, Google Movies and Amazon Instant Video. There are also free services such as YouTube or Vimeo, where you can track great classic. Thus has given his consent to stream as these portals of authors, it is legal. This is not the case with, here are films without owning the license to broadcast. Therefore, the user can not be sure with

Note: Add to this that the police already confirmed that behind put professional cyber crime, which still shying away from death threats either before arson. In addition, extortion and tax evasion operators are accused. Also falls into this category.