The freeware Gigabyte Smart Switch adds the Windows 8 taskbar add a link to the comfortable shut down or restart the PC. A thing of the hassle of clicking the past. The free Assistant to boot the system integrates with an impressive icon in the Windows taskbar. Clicking it provides the available options for Windows startup ready: • Shutdown (shutdown) • Shutdown hybrid (Shutdown fastboot) • Reboot (restart) • Energy saving (standby) • suspend (hibernate) • Computer Lock (Lock) After clicking to the corresponding switch starts Gigabyte Smart switch directly the associated action. There are also buttons ready to set the Windows Start behavior. Clicking the schematically illustrated Metro surface top left lets the PC boot on the tile surface. The Desktop button right beside it ensures that Windows desktop provides 8 after booting the classic Windows. Gigabyte Smart Switch brings no new features for Windows, but paves the way for Win 8 restart clearly. The freeware looks good and is just as easy to maintain as practical - with or without a Gigabyte motherboard. Recommended. More information to facilitate individual and shut down Windows 8 is available from the Software blog on Windows 8 shutdown by tile or icon in the system tray