Audials Light peppelt to the music library. Optionally, the freeware specifically seeks songs and captures them on the plate, or draws from web radios, YouTube or the music TV on. Whether individual songs or hours of Streams - Audials Light supports your efforts in expanding the domestic music fundus. Thanks to YouTube connectivity even rare treasures are found in no time. is recorded from online TV, radio and podcasts - of course including cover art, lyrics and automatic title award, if any. Completed recordings stores Audials Light in a format set by the user and adds them also the same in the built-in music / podcast / video management one. read here Users also the existing audio on the disk and then manage the entire inventory. Audials Light but not limited to a long life as a recorder tool. On board there is a player that plays more than 70,000 radio and the main German television. Actual: Per Personal Media Cloud is AL music world via the Internet. For this, only the creation of a free accounts is necessary. Via USB cable you also broadcasts music and film on mobile on Android or iOS. Bottom line, the free Audials Light is a great solution for free to provide for (not only) musical supplies. Only the limitation of desktop video recording of 30 minutes is a bit of a shame. Those who want to remove this limitation and still forking out a few features that should have a look at the Pro version: Audials One.

Limitations of Audials Light

Video recording up to 30 minutes.