The music and audio book flat rate can actually take quite well with the big competition for Spotify. Above all, the value for money appears to be relatively positive. But what if you cancel ALDI Life would like to? This works as easy as logging in itself to happiness. We have traced for you the totally uncomplicated way.

cancel ALDI LifeYou want ALDI Life announce? So you will get rid of the streaming service of the discounter and Napster. (Picture: ALDI / Editorial)

cancel ALDI Life is not difficult

In addition to Spotify and Co., there are a few smaller vendors that offer music, audio books and radio streaming. For 7.99 euros in the month you get at ALDI Life 40 million songs, 15,000 audiobooks and radio plays on the ear, which you can listen to on the ALDI Life app or on the web player. In order to offer you this service, the discounter has partnered with a former greats: with Napster.

Here you can create your playlists and play already created. Entire albums can be found and e-books keeps the service against a special price ready - everything else is in the monthly subscription price included. The offline mode brings you the music and mobile with without your data volume must sacrifice and a Kids mode filters all out for children unsuitable content so that the kids can enjoy for carefree made plays and music.The service can be used on Windows, iOS, Android and eReader, tablets, smartphones and desktops.

30 days to the service of the discount can be tested for free, after which the monthly fee. If you do not want to, have to cancel the subscription completed on time. Here, the Abozeitraum always runs 30 days and be extended after a further 30 days. Say: You can terminate a month.

ALDI Life announce NapsterAnnounces the app or the web player and not through the ALDI Life page you will, you forwarded from your Napster account. (Picture: Napster / Editorial)

Cancellation confirmation comes immediately

To cancel ALDI Life, You call either directly your ALDI-life account from the Website on or selects you a via the app or the web player.

  1. Opens to the app or web player, reports to you and click their way through to the settings (gear below left).
  2. Then you click on "My Account" and lands in your account summary.
  3. There you will find the entry "ALDI live music-Flat terminate". You will be redirected to your ALDI-life account.
  4. There you click with music subscription button to change.
  5. In the next window Your Flat is listed, along with status, duration, price and payment method.
  6. click on Cancel and the subscription is terminated. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

ALDI Life terminate account settingsIn your account settings you can then change your music subscription. (Picture: ALDI / Editorial)

Now, your subscription will expire at the end of the current term. Until then you can still use the service as usual. After that, your playlists created are not deleted - however you can no longer access it. but if your you decide that you wanted but did not announce ALDI Life, you can watch sign up again. If your logs you with the same email address as before, then you will get again access to your playlists. Unfortunately, another trial month is no longer available to you then but - you land directly in the payment model.

ALDI Life announce OverviewThe overview You can then click on the appropriate button - and your termination is through. (Picture: ALDI / Editorial)