Samsung Galaxy A5 manual

With the Samsung Galaxy A5 manual Download get buyers of mid-range smartphones Galaxy A5 all the important information and numerous tips & Tricks. On 152 pages in a handy PDF format, the official Samsung Galaxy A5 manual explains all the features and settings in detail.

Samsung Galaxy A5 manual Download in PDF format

The Samsung Galaxy A5 (model names SM-A500FU and SM-A520F) offers a decent processing, excellent battery life and a good price-performance ratio. The equipment is down quite lush with microSD slot, LTE Cat6 and NFC. The Korean manufacturer Samsung expands with Galaxy A3 and A5 its popular Galaxy series with new models. The Premium version Samsung Galaxy A5 has a 5.2-inch display with full HD and 1920 x 1080 pixels compared to the 4.5 inch A3.

Samsung Galaxy A5 manual DownloadSamsung Galaxy A5 manual Download with countless tips and information to more than 150 pages

Memory card with up to 128 gigabytes used

One of the great advantages over the Galaxy S6 is the integrated microSD slot. The user can insert a memory card with up to 128 gigabytes. The internal memory is 16 GB on board, with around five gigabytes from the Android operating system are used. With a fingerprint sensor, the smartphone can protect and unlock fairly straightforward. As a very practical, the quick-charging function turns. The processor Samsung uses in-house Exynos series 7580 and a Octacore processor with 1.6 GHz.

The battery can not be replaced

Quite convincingly, the main camera with 13 megapixels and the front camera with 5 megapixels. They can be started from standby mode and provide the mobile photographer sharp images. To complain about is the Galaxy A5, only that instead of USB Type-C only one USB 2.0 port is present and that the battery does not change.

Samsung Galaxy A5 manual Download Device componentsClear description of the apparatus structure

The Samsung Galaxy A5 manual provides the first steps and basic information

The Samsung Galaxy A5 manual download initially declared Getting Started (delivery, device design, SIM or USIM card and battery use, use memory card Switching on and off and lock screen and unlock) before the Basic information is in the User's turn : use touch screen, Home screen layout, notifications panel and Quick Control Frame, open applications, install or uninstall applications, enter text, Screenshot, My Documents and energy-saving feature.

Samsung Galaxy accommodate A5 manual download voice memosThe Samsung Galaxy A5 manual explains among other things, records voice memos.

Galaxy A5 manual with advice and help with problems

The following chapters are devoted to the topics of network connection functions for movement and ease of use, personalization, phone, contacts, messages and e-mail, camera, gallery, emergency assistant, Useful apps and features, connecting to other devices and device and data manager. It continues with the settings in which all func Onen of the unit and the system are explained in detail. The completion of the manual form in the appendix chapters Council, a troubleshooting section and tips on removing the battery.