The Valentine's Day 2017 app provides the ability to select the most beautiful picture from a variety of Valentine's motives and to send Valentines to loved ones on the day of lovers. The user can also set romantic images as Valentin screen wallpaper.

Send stylish Valentines with the Valentine's Day 2017 app

The Valentine's Day 2017 app shows a beautiful selection of Valentine's Day wallpaper that accompany the user through Valentine's Day. The pictures of Valentine's Day photo collection can make a request on your phone or SD card to save and resize and rotate. Romantic natures give their photos via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat, or save them in a separate gallery.

Valentine's Day 2017 appGreetings send with the Valentine's Day 2017 app

Great choice of romantic Valentine motives

After starting the 2017 Valentine's Day app, the user is with "Happy Valentine's Day" and red roses welcomed. After that, an overview of sending Valentine's motives appear. The menu also gives the user the choice between Latest, All photos and My Favorites. Anyone looking for the latest designs, so click on Latest and who wants an overview on all pictures. Heading My Favorites is empty at the start and takes the preferred Valentine images the user is on.

share Valentine's Day Pics with other people

With a tip on one of the motives of this appears in full size and can be sent to the loved one. In the bar above the image several small icons appear. Who clicks on the heart, designed to remember the Valentine Pic in your own Favorites bar. The small icon to the left next to it offers the possibility to send the Valentine's image to other users. This opens a selection menu Share Image of installed on the smartphone or tablet apps, over which one can share the design with other, so for example, mail apps, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+ or Dropbox.

Valentine's Day 2017 app motivesSend selection of stylish Valentine motives

Download Valentine's images or use as wallpaper

A tap on the phone icon, however, makes the selected Valentine's Day image for wallpaper. For this, the user taps again on the button Set as wallpaper to complete the process. The download icon on the far right is used to save the Valentine image on your own hard drive. Here, no further confirmation is required. In this way, Valentine's Day motif thus ends up simply in the respective download folder of the user. In addition to the Valentine's Day Pictures and images for other festive occasions are present in the collection, including designs for the new year.

Valentine's Day 2017 app WallpaperSelected make Valentine's Day image for wallpaper