The best mobile games (I / 2015)

Every month bring the game developers hundreds of new mobile games on the market. We selected the top ten. Not every game that comes onto the market, is also a success. Therefore, can be found in our Top 10 list of Best Mobile Games (I / 2015) also games that already have a few months under his belt - but still achieve top rankings. Let's go with number 10: Candy Crush Soda Saga.

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Place 10: Candy Crush Soda Saga

The predecessor to the saccharine puzzle game Candy Crush Saga, since December 2012 in the market and has been downloaded from the start more than 10 million times. bring enough reason for the makers, the offshoot Candy Crush Soda forecast on the way. Although the sequel under his belt has been a few months - thanks to the 255 levels (in January 2015), the game is as popular as ever. The principle is simple: At least three same-colored candy pieces must be put in order, to get ahead. best mobile games I / 2015

Seat 9: Clash of Clans

Also Clash of Clans for Android, just simply called CoC, has been a while in the market. However, as a strategy game it takes a while before you have gathered in the games world. for when you need quick and easy fun CoC is therefore less suitable. The purpose of the game is to build a village or a fortress in the fantasy world, and to ally with other players and clans to prevent attacks. best mobile games I / 2015 Clash of Clans

Seat 8: Hay Day

Also Hay Day for Android is a strategy game - in contrast to Clash of Clans but much faster to understand and therefore well suited for quick in between games fun, on the train or in waiting rooms. As Hay-day player you heir to his uncle's farm and must bring the farm into shape - underline houses, the seeds are sown in the earth, collect eggs. Pointed to work, the in-game instructions explain easily understood from the respective actions. best mobile games I / 2015 Hay Day

7th place: Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a classic jump-n-run game with HD graphics. A player's task is to make the characters Jake, Tricky & Fresh to help in their escape from the police inspector and his guard dog and collect coins. best mobile games I / 2015 Subway Surfers

Seat 6: 4 images 1 word

What do a lab technician, math formulas, light bulb and a maze in common? The solution"! In the free 4 pictures 1 word app it comes to guess the common preamble of four images. you get stuck, there are various ways and means - for example through the use of play money individual letters in the word solution to buy. best mobile games I / 2015 4 pictures 1 word

Seat 5: Retry

In a way, the Android app Retry similar to the hit game Flappy Bird. So this mobile game comes in 16-bit retro graphics and therefore is by touch operation similarly straightforward to use - only it's just not in Retry it to avoid pipes, but to survive a plane different obstacles. best mobile games I / 2015 Retry

Seat 4: Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a racing game for iOS and Android smartphones, which offers the user Car Racing officially licensed tracks like Hockenheim or Silverstone. Various racing cars from Ferrari and Porsche to Audi and Bugatti are available to the player. is Beieindruckend in this game especially the realistic graphics. However, comes at a price, say, 1.5 GB of free space should calculate for racing. best mobile games I / 2015 Real Racing 3

No. 3: Do not Tap The White Tile

Do not Tap The White Tile, also known as Piano Tiles, is a simple game of skill, with which everyone becomes a piano virtuoso. As it suggests the former title, it is important not to touch the white areas, but only the black - thereby producing different piano melodies and. best mobile games I / 2015 Don't Tap The White Tile

2nd place: crossy road

Crossy road is the perfect game for in between. From over 50 pop art-inspired characters, the player can choose a character and jump over roads, rivers and other items. best mobile games I / 2015 crossy road

1st place: Hungry Shark Evolution

Ten different species of sharks are the players in the action game Hungry Shark Evolution is available. In order to grow, you have to eat. Fish, turtles, people - as a hungry shark devours you everything one gets in the way. best mobile games I / 2015 Hungry Shark Evolution