phonostar player grabs radio and audio recorder in one on the PC. The free software provides access to thousands of stations around the world and takes on demand music and other radio programs as MP3 or WAV on.

phonostar player Download: radio stations received from around the world

In the main view phonostar player shows available web radios by country, language, and genre to subordinate. The program selection is impressive: Both nationally and internationally known radio stations offer their live streams on the Internet. Whether musical, cultural or news channels - the phonostar player knows more than 8,000 stations, including all major German private and public radio stations. A built-in surface search helps with orientation in the online ether. phonostar player offers additional individual favorites lists and predefined lists by categories such as "Top 100". "info & Culture" or "world music", As an integrated audio recorder is installed separately to the LAME encoder, which the software licensing reasons serves.

In addition to the freeware version is also a paid Plus version of phonostar player is available from the manufacturer. This dispenses with any advertising and also offers a cutting tool for its own Audioufnahmen. With phonostar player music fans get a versatile web radio with a successful operation on his hand. Especially practical: The radio is not just radio streams can hear, but they can be included on the hard drive at the same time quite legally in WAV or MP3 format.